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    Header and Footer

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    About WordPress SEO and Facebook Open Graph: I was very unpleased by Yoast invitation to
    remove my plugin, and it’s not the case.
    Read more here.

    Head and Footer Codes

    Why you have to install 10 plugins to add Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, custom
    tracking code, Google DFP code, Google Webmaster/Alexa/Bing/Tradedoubler verification code and so on…

    With Header and Footer plugin you can just copy the code those services give you
    in a centralized point to manage them all. And theme independent: you can change your theme
    without loosing the code injected!

    Injection points and features

    • in the page section where most if the codes are usually added
    • just after the tag as required by some JavaScript SDK (like Facebook)
    • in the page footer (just before the tag)
    • recognize and execute PHP code to add logic to your injections
    • distinct desktop and mobile injections


    A new AMP dedicated section compatible with AMP plugin lets you to inject specific codes in
    AMP pages.

    Post Top and Bottom Codes

    Do you need to inject a banner over the post content or after it? No problem. With Header and
    Footer you can:

    • Add codes on top, bottom and in the middle of posts and pages
    • Differentiate between mobile and desktop (you don’t display the same ad format on both, true?)
    • Separate post and page configuration
    • Native PHP code enabled
    • Shortcodes enabled

    Special Injections

    • Just after the opening BODY tag
    • In the middle of post content (using configurable rules)
    • Everywhere on template (using placeholders)


    The specific bbPress injections are going to be removed. Switch to my
    Ads for bbPress, which is more flexible and complete.


    This plugin cannot change the menu or the footer layout, those features must be covered by your theme!

    Offial page: Header and Footer.

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