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    Formidable Forms

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    The Most Powerful WordPress form builder plugin on the market

    We built Formidable Forms to offer the “first-ever” solutions-focused WordPress form plugin on the market. You can use our drag & drop WordPress form builder plugin to create contact forms, surveys, quiz forms, registration forms, payment forms, purchase forms, email marketing forms, calculator forms, and just about any other form you can imagine.

    At Formidable, creating the most extendable form builder plugin is our #1 priority, so you save time when building even the most advanced forms. Unlike other WordPress form maker plugins that focus solely on building contact forms, we believe in allowing our users to push the limits and create complex forms quickly!

    Before we take a deep-dive into the features of the powerful Formidable form builder plugin, you should know that Formidable is 100% mobile responsive so your WordPress forms will always look great on all devices (desktop, laptop, tablets, and smartphones).

    On top of that, we have optimized Formidable for speed and maximum server performance. Whether you use Formidable to build a contact form on your own site or an advanced form for your client, you can confidently say that it’s one of the FASTEST WordPress form builders on the market.

    Formidable Forms Pro
    This form builder plugin is the lite version of the Formidable Forms Pro plugin that comes with all the features you will ever need. Our premium features include repeater fields, email subscription forms, multi-page forms, file upload forms, smart forms with conditional logic, payment integrations, form templates, form relationships, cascading dropdown fields, front-end form editing, powerful Formidable Views to display data in web applications, and far more than just contact forms. Click here to purchase the most advanced premium WordPress form builder plugin now!

    You can start with our pre-built templates or create totally custom forms from scratch all with an easy-to-use drag & drop form builder interface.

    Let’s take a look at all the powerful form builder features that you get with Formidable for making amazing lead forms, subscription forms, request a quote forms, donation forms, payment order forms, surveys, polls and more.

    Drag & Drop Form Maker and Advanced Form Builder

    The Formidable drag & drop form builder allows you to quickly create unlimited surveys, quizzes, registration forms, and just about any other type of form that you want.

    Our form builder plugin comes with all the powerful form fields that you need to create a solution-focused form, fast!

    • Single line text (for names, phone numbers, addresses, and more)
    • Email
    • Website/URL
    • Paragraph text
    • Radio buttons
    • Checkboxes
    • Dropdown select boxes
    • Number
    • Phone number
    • Hidden fields
    • User ID
    • HTML block

    Complete Entry Management for Forms and Surveys

    Formidable allows you to view all your form and survey entries right from your WordPress dashboard.

    Once a user submits a form, their response is automatically stored in your WordPress database.

    Formidable is a 100% GDPR-friendly form generator. You can turn off IP tracking or stop saving submissions entirely. Alternatively, you can add a GDPR checkbox field to your lead forms and payment forms to collect consent.

    Need to import your leads to another service like MailChimp? No problem. Export leads to a CSV, open it in Excel, and import anywhere.

    You can also configure unlimited form email notifications and autoresponders triggered by form submissions.

    On top of that, you can easily customize the success message the user sees after they submit the form, or redirect them to another page for your more advanced form needs.

    The Only Form Maker Plugin with an Advanced Form Styler

    With our built-in form styler, you can instantly customize the look and feel of your forms. With just a few clicks, your email form and advanced forms can be transformed to match your website design.

    By default, Formidable applies a single styling template to your WordPress forms. But if you want a custom form style for each individual sidebar form, and registration form, you can upgrade to Formidable Forms Pro.

    Build Smart Surveys with Beautiful Reports

    Formidable comes with a built-in survey feature, so you can quickly create powerful surveys and see beautiful reports.

    The best part is that you can do this all within Formidable without any third-party tools.

    Quickly Create Advanced WordPress Registration Forms for Any Use Case

    Whether you need to create a youth sports team registration form, event registration form, or church retreat registration form, Formidable has got you covered. Unlike other form plugins, Formidable comes with a repeater field that allows you to create the most powerful registration forms.

    Then, our marketing integrations and APIs can send the email form and other form data anywhere you want.

    Accept Credit Cards and Easily Collect Payments

    By now, you probably already realize the theme that Formidable is more than just a contact form plugin. You can use Formidable to create payment forms and accept credit card payments right from your website.

    We offer seamless integration with PayPal, Stripe, and, so you can create order forms and purchase forms with our drag & drop form builder.

    You can even use Formidable to create WooCommerce forms with custom fields (more on that later).

    Grow Your Business with Marketing Integrations

    We know that marketing is the key to grow your business. That’s why Formidable allows you to connect your WP forms, payment forms, calculators, and advanced forms with a marketing platform of your choice.

    We integrate with popular email marketing services like:

    • MailChimp
    • AWeber
    • Constant Contact
    • GetResponse
    • MailPoet
    • Active Campaign
    • Salesforce
    • HubSpot
    • Campaign Monitor

    On top of these native integrations, we also integrate with Zapier, so you can quickly route your form data to over 1,500+ more services with just a few clicks.

    Create Data-Driven Web Applications with Formidable Views

    Formidable Views are by far the most powerful feature that makes Formidable far more than just a form builder plugin. Views allow you to flexibly display any submitted form data on the front-end of your website.

    Our customers use Formidable Views to create data-driven web applications like real estate listings, employment listings, event calendars, business or member directories, job boards, and other searchable databases.

    As you can see, Formidable is not your average contact form plugin. It’s a true all-in-one WordPress form solution.

    Increase Your Sales with WooCommerce Product Forms

    Formidable is the only WordPress form builder plugin that offers extensive integration with WooCommerce.

    Our goal is to empower you to build powerful WooCommerce product forms, so you can increase your store sales.

    You can use Formidable to add a WooCommerce Product configurator with custom calculation fields, and automatically send the data to the WooCommerce cart with variable pricing options.

    Need your customers to upload a file when they purchase a product? No problem. Simply drag & drop a file upload field into your WooCommerce form and you’re done.

    You can even show submitted form values in the WooCommerce purchase receipt emails as well as trigger SMS text messages or marketing integrations when an order is completed.

    Make Powerful Quiz Forms & Calculators

    You can also use the Formidable form builder plugin to create quiz forms and calculator forms.

    More on quiz forms later, but here are some example web calculators you can quickly add to your WordPress site:

    … and our powerful form calculations allow you to build just about any other type of calculator form.

    If that wasn’t enough, you can also use our Formidable Form builder to create quizzes, polls, and surveys on your WordPress site and display results. This is great for membership sites, LMS, or just for viral quizzes to grow your email list.

    Our goal is to go beyond simple contact forms and allow you to create form-based solutions without any code 🙂

    Create WordPress User Registration Forms, Profile Forms, and More

    If you run a WordPress membership site, then you need more advanced forms.

    The Formidable Form builder plugin allows you to customize your WordPress user registration forms, so you can collect additional data when the user profile is created.

    With our front-end form editing, you can also build custom profile forms and allow users to keep their profile updated, or even progressively add to the profile from a set of forms, from the first lead form to the last payment form.

    Our front-end form editing feature is unique to us, and you will not find any other WordPress form plugin offering such a solution with the level of extendability that we do.

    Beautiful Graphs and Reports to Help You Analyze and Showcase Data

    We believe that data alone does no good if you can’t analyze it. That’s why we make it easy for you to analyze your survey, quiz, calculator, and other form data with beautiful graphs and reports.

    You can even showcase form data on the front-end of your website by embedding graphs in your WordPress posts or pages.

    All the Advanced Form Fields and Features You Need to Grow Your Business

    Formidable goes far above and beyond basic forms to offer all the advanced form fields and features you need to grow your business.

    This includes things like multi-page forms, save and continue forms, cascading form fields, powerful conditional logic, partial form submissions, invisible spam protection, front-end user post submission, calculators, user-tracking, and so much more.

    We’re on a mission to offer an all-in-one solution-focused WordPress form plugin, so you don’t have to install 5 plugins alongside your form maker plugin to do everything you want.

    Extend and Customize Your Forms – Developer’s Dream Come True

    Formidable is the form plugin of choice for smart developers, freelancers, and agencies because it helps them build complex form solutions and basic forms quickly and defy the limits imposed by time and knowledge.

    Our goal is to help you build complex websites with low overhead. We believe big projects don’t always need big resources.

    That’s why we made Formidable the most extendable WordPress form builder plugin on the market.

    You can easily route your form data with our powerful API. Formidable Views allow you to display form data anywhere on the front-end, so you can quickly create data-driven web applications.

    On top of that, our hooks and filters allow you to extend Formidable to meet your needs. We even include hundreds of code examples in our docs to give you the confidence to get started.

    Full Formidable Feature List

    Since Formidable is not your average WordPress form plugin, this feature list is going to be very long. Grab a cup of coffee and read through, or just install the most powerful WordPress form maker plugin, your choice 🙂

    • Online drag and drop form builder. Build everything from contact forms and email forms to calculators and complex online forms. Make amazing forms the easy way with a simple WordPress drag and drop form builder. No code required.
    • Display form data with Views. Other WordPress form builder plugins only let you collect data. Formidable lets you format, filter, and display form submissions in custom Formidable Views on the front-end of your site. Views turn forms into solutions. Job boards, event calendars, business directories, ratings systems, and management solutions. If you can come up with it, most likely Formidable can handle it.
    • Repeating field groups (repeaters). Allow your users to add sets of fields to registration forms, application forms, email forms, calculator forms, and other advanced forms on the fly.
    • Drag and drop multiple file upload forms. Easily upload documents, files, photos, and music, with any number of files in job application forms (resumes), WordPress User Profile Forms (avatars), registration forms, and get a quote forms.
    • Multi-step forms with progress bars. Want to increase conversion rates and collect more leads with smart forms? Create beautiful paged forms with rootline and progress indicators. Add conditional logic to page breaks for smart branching forms.
    • Cascading lookup fields. Change values in other form fields or drill down through options to reveal a final value. Designed for country/state/city fields in registration forms and year/make/model fields in auto forms. You can even use lookup fields to get a price from a separate product form.
    • Datepicker fields with advanced datepicker options including blackout dates, dynamic minimum and maximum dates, and inline calendars. Our datepickers are great for email forms, basic online booking forms, and event registration forms.
    • Create relationships with Dynamic fields. Populate form fields from other forms and link data between two forms without duplication. Form relationships are helpful in a huge number of cases including linking employment application forms to a job, quiz forms to a class, event registration forms to an event, and sports registration forms to a team.
    • Add password fields with a password strength meter in WordPress user registration forms, profile forms, and change password forms.
    • Collect reviews with star ratings in feedback forms, recipe ratings forms, product review forms, event rating forms, and customer testimonial forms. Then display and share the ratings in Formidable Views.
    • Add more field types with our form creator including Rich text fields, Time fields, Scale fields, Slider fields, Toggle fields, Tags fields, Address fields, and Section headings.
    • Confirmation fields. Double check email addresses or passwords and prevent typos from cannibalizing your leads.
    • Conditional logic for smart forms. Show or hide form fields based on user selections or user roles. Make complex forms simple and increase form conversion rates.
    • Send email notifications & autoresponders. Automatically let clients know you received their message. Then create customized email notifications for multiple recipients and get info from an email form to those who need it.
    • Email routing: Conditionally send multiple autoresponder emails and notifications based on values in email forms, payment forms, and registration forms.
    • Calculator forms. Create basic and complex calculations, and even combine text from multiple fields for a mortgage calculator, auto loan calculator, or many other calculator forms. Even a contact form could benefit from calculations for easy quotes and price estimates.
    • Visual form style creator. Our form creator for email forms, calculators, and other online forms not only allows you to build forms, but also create branded forms that match your site. Change colors, borders, padding and much more without any code.
    • Flexible form layout design. Build mobile responsive forms and advanced form layouts with multiple fields in a row by using our CSS layout classes.
    • Mobile-friendly, responsive forms. All of our forms are sized automatically for every screen size. Ensure that everyone can see and submit your surveys, calculator forms, and online forms from any device.
    • User submitted front-end posts and pages. Create and edit WordPress posts, pages, and even custom post types from your front-end online forms. Send user-generated content quickly from a post creation form to a page.
    • Simple entry management. Flexibly and powerfully display, edit, and delete form entries from anywhere on your site, and specify who has permission to do so. Your logged-in users can fully manage their personal journal entries, weight tracking, guest blog posts, RSVP status, and whatever else you need.
    • WordPress front-end editing. Allow users to edit their form entries and posts from the front-end of your site. Create an online journaling platform, member directory, classified ads, community recipes, and more.
    • Logged-in users can save and continue partial form submissions. Whether it’s a contact form or a long multi-paged form, users can save form progress and pick up right where they left off.
    • Graphs and charts for data visualization. Display statistics from surveys, polls, quiz forms, questionnaires, and advanced forms. Or graph the data in a variety of ways that automatically update as new form data is submitted (great for weight tracking over time).
    • Form permission settings. Limit visibility of specialized forms based on user role.
    • Form entry limits. Limit a registration form, survey, quiz, or directory submissions to only allow one entry per user, IP, or cookie.
    • Form scheduling. Open and close event registration forms and signup forms on a specific date. Or close registration forms when the seat limit or team size has been reached. Want a form for questions about a planned event that auto closes when the event starts? No problem.
    • Conditionally redirect to a custom page after a custom search form, quiz form, calculator form, payment form, support ticket form, or other online form is submitted. Help clients get the answers they are looking for, or show a tailored result based on their form selections.
    • We believe that forms should be extendable to meet your needs. So we give you access to customize the form HTML (like Contact Form 7), but still keep the ease and speed of a drag & drop form builder plugin. Our team labors for simplicity without sacrificing flexibility.
    • Import and export forms, form submissions, styles, and views. Quickly move forms, entries, views and styles to another site. Need to export leads from a form to another service? Check.
    • Form templates for instant form building. Get started quickly with the most advanced form creator that includes form templates, style templates, and Formidable View templates. Our WordPress form generator makes it FAST to build job application forms, and other online forms.
    • Import our pre-built form/view templates as a shortcut to a final product. Our growing form template library includes payment forms, calculators, a WooCommerce product creator, and more.
    • WCAG accessible forms with A11Y and ADA compliance. Don’t alienate your audience. Ensure your surveys, quiz forms, calculators, lead capture forms, and other online forms are compliant and available to anyone. Allow those using screenreaders to successfully use and submit your WordPress forms.
    • Invisible SPAM protection. Don’t waste time sorting through SPAM. Get instant and powerful anti-spam features from honeypot, invisible reCAPTCHA, Akismet, and the WordPress comment blacklist.
    • Fill out forms automatically with values from the user profile or posts (i.e. custom fields). When a user is logged in, prefill known values like first name, last name, and email address.
    • White label form builder. Replace the Formidable branding with your own in the admin area. Plus, we never show “powered by” links in your free contact forms or online forms.
    • WordPress user registration forms. Register WordPress users, edit profiles, reset passwords, and add a login form. When using WordPress multisite forms, you can even allow logged in and logged out users to create new subdomains.
    • Digital signature forms. Eliminate paper forms with a digital signature field in application forms and advanced forms.
    • Form action automation. Schedule form email notifications, SMS messages, and webhooks to trigger at a later time. You can automatically delete guest posts after 30 days, send weekly digest emails, trigger happy birthday text messages from a lead form and much more.
    • Formidable Forms API. Send form entries to other REST APIs and add a set of form webhooks. This includes the option to send form entries from one Formidable site to another.
    • Quiz maker forms. Write your quiz form questions, submit an entry as the quiz key, and publish the quiz on a page. Then all the quiz form grading is automatically done for you.
    • World class support. Have questions or need guidance on how to use our contact form builder or set up your web application? We are happy to help. Our passion with Formidable is to help you defy the limits so you can take on bigger projects, earn more clients, and grow your business.

    Payment Forms, Form APIs, and Marketing Integrations

    In addition to all the form builder features listed above, power up your forms with these integrations.

    • PayPal Payment Forms. Automate your business by collecting instant payments and recurring payments from clients. Collect information, calculate a total, and send clients to PayPal from your payment forms.
    • Stripe Payment Forms. Keep users on your site while collecting payments from a credit card form. Select from one time and recurring charges in order forms and donation forms.
    • AIM Payment Forms. Process one-time payments in order forms, registration forms, and calculator forms with AIM.
    • WooCommerce product configurator. Add custom fields to a WooCommerce product form and collect extra data when a product is added to the cart. Use form calculations for variable pricing, upload a file with the purchase, and send custom emails when a purchase is completed.
    • MailChimp Forms. Add and update leads in a MailChimp email marketing list from lead forms, order forms, and email forms.
    • Constant Contact Forms. Create leads automatically in Constant Contact with newsletter signup forms.
    • GetResponse Forms. Collect leads in WordPress forms, add them to GetResponse, and trigger GetResponse marketing automations.
    • AWeber Forms. Subscribe users to an AWeber mailing list when a newsletter signup form is submitted.
    • MailPoet Newsletter forms. Fill your email marketing lists from newsletter signup forms. Then send WordPress newsletters from your own site using MailPoet.
    • Highrise Forms. Add leads to your Highrise CRM account any time a WordPress registration form, or payment form is submitted.
    • Salesforce Forms. Create leads and any other Salesforce objects directly from your contact page and advanced forms.
    • ActiveCampaign Forms. Let your form pull double duty as a payment form, post creation form, email form, user registration form, and an ActiveCampaign integration.
    • HubSpot Forms. Route lead form data from your WordPress forms to HubSpot CRM.
    • Twilio for SMS Forms. Collect votes and poll responses via SMS text or send SMS notifications when form entries are submitted. Get notified instantly when an important payment form is completed, and let your form leads know you received their message.
    • WPML Multilingual Forms. Translate your WordPress forms into multiple languages using our integrated multilingual forms plugin.
    • Polylang Multilingual Forms. Get the form creator with Polylang bilingual or multilingual contact forms. Use the form builder to make your form, then translate it without duplicate forms.
    • Zapier Forms. Connect with hundreds of different applications through Zapier. Insert a new row in a Google docs spreadsheet, post on Twitter, or upload a Dropbox file from a calculator form, payment form, and more. With Zapier, you have the option to trigger thousands of actions from a lead form, quote form, quiz form, and other online forms.
    • Bootstrap Form Styles. Instantly add Bootstrap form styling to survey forms and advanced forms.
    • Bootstrap Modal Form. Open login forms, Formidable views, shortcodes, and other content in a Bootstrap modal popup.

    After reading this feature list, you can probably imagine why Formidable is the most advanced WordPress form plugin on the market.

    Give Formidable Forms a try.

    Want to unlock the full power? Upgrade to our Pro forms to get all the features for smart forms and full web applications.

    Form Plugin Credits

    This form builder plugin is created by Steve and Steph Wells and the amazing Formidable Team.

    Formidable is part of the WPBeginner accelerator with Syed Balkhi as an Advisor to our company.

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