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    WCP Contact Form

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    NB! In case if you made plugin customization, especially directly in the plugin files that placed in the WordPress plugins directory, please make backup of your customization before update of plugin version.

    Main feature of our contact form is ready-to-use set of the fields includes CAPTCHA, that you can immediately use after installation. However, please not that you can use ONLY ONE contact form – it is not a FORMS BUILDER plugin.

    All that you need it is install plugin, check form settings and add contact form in two ways:

    1. As shortcode via TinyMCE toolbar button;
    2. As widget to a page sidebar.

    As additional options of the contact form, you can find dynamic fields with various types, custom form styles and notifications for administrator and users.

    More information about our plugin as well as plugin support you can find on our demo site:

    If you find issues or have any questions about the plugin, please feel free to ask questions:

    • directly via support form on our demo site;
    • directly via support email address;
    • Support Tab on WordPress.ORG.

    Minimum required PHP version is 5.3.0;


    • Ready-to-use fields preset after plugin instalation;
    • Dynamic form fields with various parameters that can be reordered (via Drag&Drop) and deleted;
    • Three types of captcha: Alphabetic Captcha (EN only), Numeric Captcha and reCAPTCHA (including option for reCAPTCHA translation that based on default WordPress language that defined in the admin panel and other options);
    • Custom styles for contact form via plugin settings;
    • Three variants of the form “successful submission”: success notification message (without redirect), redirect on separate “Thank You” page and redirect on some URL.
    • Optional HTML5 validation and editable error messages for non-HTML5 validation;
    • AutoResponder for users and administrator with variables for autoresponder letters (supports of TinyMCE editor);
    • Visual indicator for the new messages at the admin toolbar.
    • Inbox page for message list with read/unread statuses and single detailed page for each message;
    • List of the messages can be exported to CSV format based on selected fields in the form settings;
    • “Quick Reply” button to the Inbox (message list) and form details page that allows to open standard mail client and send quick reply to sender.
    • Optional ability to enqueue scripts and styles only for the pages with contact form
    • Filter and Action Hooks for developers (from v2.5.0)

    Latest updates for plugin v.3.0.1

    • drop down (select and multiple select) field type;
    • radio buttons field type;
    • optional user roles for “Inbox” page access;
    • predefined CSS classes for custom form layout, variouse field sizes and text alignment;
    • predefined CSS classes for RTL;
    • possibility to add custom class for form wrapper.

    Ready-to-Use Fields Preset

    Ready-to-use fields preset after plugin instalation includs following fields:

    • Name (text field type)
    • Email (email field type)
    • Phone (text field type)
    • Subject (text field type)
    • Message (textarea field type)
    • Alphabetic Captcha (can be easy changed to Numeric Captcha or reCAPTCHA via field additional settings)

    Dynamic Form Fields

    Dynamic form fields include following field types:

    • Text;
    • Email
    • Numeric;
    • Textarea;
    • Checkbox(es);
    • Radio Buttons;
    • Drop Down (select and multiple select);
    • Captchas: Alphabetic (EN only) / Numeric / reCAPTCHA.

    and support following base parameters:

    • Type;
    • Field Name (technical field name for internal usage – NOT display label);
    • Visibility;
    • Required;
    • Export to CSV.

    Also, fields support following additional parameters (based on field type):

    • Display Label;
    • Placeholder;
    • Field Key;
    • CSS Class;
    • Description;
    • …and more…

    Form Styling

    Contact form fields can be styled with following options:

    • Border: size, style and color or no-border;
    • Background color or no-background;
    • Color settings for labels, text inside fields, required markers ect.;
    • Button text and background colors.

    For Developers

    • possibility to customize the plugin by creating a duplicate templates and styles in the active theme folder;
    • possibolity to use filter and Action Hooks for developers (from v2.5.0).

    More information about features for developers you can find on our demo site in the corresponding section of the plugin documentation. However, please note that in documentation provided ONLY references and NOT “ready solutions”, so if you don’t have specific knowledges in PHP and plugins development and customization this documentation won’t be useful for you.

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