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    FEEDZY RSS Feeds

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    FEEDZY RSS Feeds is a small and lightweight RSS aggregator plugin. Fast and very easy to use, it allows you to aggregate multiple RSS feeds into your WordPress site through fully customizable shortcodes & widgets.

    Time-saving features available in the FULL version:

    • Integration with WordAI to avoid duplicate content
    • Audio playback template
    • Convert feed items to WordPress posts/pages/any
    • Multiple templates for feed items
    • Automatically build affiliate links
    • Parse price from product feeds
    • Blacklist specific keywords from feeds
    • Priority email support from the developer of the plugin
    • Support and updates for 12 months

    Learn more about Feedzy Full version

    The plugin uses the SimplePie php CLASS natively included in WordPress. SimplePie is a RSS parser that can read the information contained in a feed, process it, and finally display it.

    Full cache control

    Choose right from the shortcode how often do you want your content from feeds to get updated.

    Feed Categories

    You can now group feeds into categories and reuse them across your content without worrying of their url.

    FEEDZY RSS Feeds therefore supports any additional library and uses only the bare minimum to ensure good performance (minimalistic CSS + cache). This will ensure compatibility with any hosting provider that supports WordPress, but if for any reason it doesn’t work for yours feel free to contact us.

    See how Feedzy can integrate with your website

    You may use this plugin in your widgets and your pages and reuse the shortcode + widget several times within the same page.

    By activating this plugin, your cover picture will be inserted into your RSS feeds. By doing so, you’ll make it will easier for external sites to retrieve images from your feeds.

    Please ask for help or report bugs if anything goes wrong. It is the best way to make the community benefit!

    Shortcode Parameters

    * feeds
    * max
    * feed_title
    * target
    * title
    * meta
    * summary
    * summarylength
    * thumb
    * default
    * refresh
    * size
    * keywords_title

    Plugin is now using the TinyMCE API to improve UI and makes it easy to insert shortcodes!

    Basic example

    [feedzy-rss feeds=""]

    Advanced example

    [feedzy-rss feeds="" max="2" feed_title="yes" target="_blank"  refresh="12_hours" title="50" meta="yes" summary="yes" summarylength="300" thumb="yes" size="100" default="http://your-site/default-image.jpg" keywords_title="WordPress"]

    Available Hooks

    * feedzy_feed_items
    * feedzy_item_keyword
    * feedzy_item_attributes
    * feedzy_thumb_output
    * feedzy_title_output
    * feedzy_meta_args
    * feedzy_meta_output
    * feedzy_summary_input
    * feedzy_summary_output
    * feedzy_global_output
    * feedzy_thumb_sizes
    * feedzy_feed_blacklist_images
    * feedzy_default_image
    * feedzy_default_error
    * feedzy_item_filter
    * feedzy_author_url
    * feedzy_item_url_filter
    * feedzy_feed_timestamp
    * shortcode_atts_feedzy_default

    This plugin is maintained and supported by Themeisle, check out some of the other WordPress plugins and free themes we’ve developed.


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