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    Featured Images in RSS w/ Size and Position

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    Get images in your RSS feed instantly for free. Output blog featured photos to Mailchimp RSS emails, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Constant Contact, Zoho, Feedburner, Bloglovin’, Feedly, and other services that use RSS feed data. A trusted plugin, developed in San Diego, CA (US), with over 20,000 active installs and 50+ five-star reviews. We actively answer every support forum thread.


    • Featured image size: Select from thumbnail, medium, large, any theme-specific sizes, and full size.
    • Image Position: Select Image left above text, Image left text wrap, Image right text wrap, and Image centered above text.
    • Padding: Instantly set the spacing between the image and the body text.
    • Feedly: Now support webfeedsFeaturedVisual class name on image HTML.

    Premium Version Now Available

    Pro Marketer Features

    Upgrade to Pro Marketer for a full suite of image customization features for professional marketing. Works with Mailchimp, Feedburner, Bloglovin’, Feedly, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Constant Contact, and other services that use RSS feed data.

    • World-class Support: The main reason to upgrade is our expert support – we’ll get everything working and looking great
    • Media Tag Option: Output images in <media>, <image>, and Feedly’s <webfeeds:cover> tags for widest image support
    • Enclosure Tag Option: Output images in <enclosure> tag for adoption
    • Custom Image Sizes: Completely customize the size of image display for RSS feeds
    • Feature First Image: No featured photos set? No problem. It will use the first photo from the body of your blog post
    • Disable Responsive Images: Helps fix services that have issues with the responsive image code, like Mailchimp’s Preview
    • Exclude Categories: Exclude unwanted categories not meant to be included in the RSS feed, like Homepage or Featured categories
    • Custom Content in Feeds: Add custom content (text or HTML) before or after the post such as backlinks or ads
    • Publish Delay: Delay new posts from instantly hitting the RSS feed for SEO advantages or to safeguard from typos or accidents

    Need help or wish it did something else as well? Use the Support tab to submit your thoughts.

    Love this plugin? Please submit a rating and review, I’d appreciate your praise. (Have an issue? Post to the support forums before leaving a bad review.)

    Real Testimonials

    “Must-have for content marketing. This is a super easy way to customize the featured images that appear in the RSS feed – no more ugly pre-populated visuals. I especially love the Mailchimp integration. It’s great to have this much control over our content. Image is everything!” – @morganmariequinn Read the review

    “Must Have for Featured Image Based Themes & MailChimp Users. For several years my WordPress theme has used featured images at the head of all my posts. The problem is, then, when feeding my RSS feed to MailChimp, that featured image at the head of the post is lost. Sometimes the image is highly crucial to the post (not to mention more enjoyable), so this plugin is a life saver. A must have!” – @ericdye Read the review

    “It just works – lovely! Great with MailChimp. I installed this plugin, changed the (very simple) settings and the featured images started appearing in my MailChimp campaigns straight away – perfect!” – @barn2media Read the review

    We promise you’ll love the features this plugin provides for your content marketing automation!

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