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    ChatWing is the ultimate free live chat service, instantly chat from any device.
    ChatWing is 100% cloud based live chat, talk on websites, via direct links like “” and inside this app.
    Instantly create new rooms, invite users, put any chat room directly on your website or blog and connect to the app. Also use ChatWing as a direct live chat messenger with friends, contacts or to meet new people.

    • Create unlimited chat rooms with unlimited users.
    • Choose to login with numerous social accounts including, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Yahoo, Vkontacte, ChatWing and more.
    • Use the lobby feature to join any existing room.
    • Search for specific rooms you usually chat in on websites and blogs, take that room on the go once bookmarked.
    • Bookmark unlimited chats and have instant access anytime.
    • Many customization controls allow the ability to edit your text, fonts, insert video and images direct and much more.
    • Connect your room to the Chatwing Android and IOS (ipad/ipad) apps
    • Receive alerts and notifications of new messages via chatwing mobile apps
    • Embed Chatwing into any webpage both Javascript and Iframe HTML code are available for each room
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