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    Admin Menu Editor

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    Lightweight plugin that lets you edit your dashboard menu. Gives you a complete control over dashboard menu rearrangement.


    • Edit options: Edit menu title, access rights, URL, Icons.
    • Sort: Sorting menu via drag and drop.
    • Hide Menu: Hide/show menu or menu item.
    • Move menu: Move menu item to a submenu.
    • Custom Menu: Create custom menu in the dashboard (can be external URL)


    0% CPU USAGE
    0.0054 sec LOAD TIME


    Support for this plugin is poor; 2 support threads out of 18 have been resolved so far. There is no documentation for this plugin.

    Plugin ver- 1.3.1       WordPress ver- 3.8.1       Tested on 30 March 2014
    System configuration: 1 core processsor, Memory - 512mb, 20gb SSD Disk

    Admin Menu Editor lets you manually edit the Dashboard menu. You can reorder the menus, show/hide specific items, change premissions, and more.


    • Change menu titles, URLs, icons, CSS classes and so on.
    • Organize menu items via drag & drop.
    • Change menu permissions by setting the required capability or role.
    • Move a menu item to a different submenu.
    • Create custom menus that point to any part of the Dashboard or an external URL.
    • Hide/show any menu or menu item. A hidden menu is invisible to all users, including administrators.

    The Pro version lets you set per-role menu permissions, hide a menu from everyone except a specific user, export your admin menu, drag items between menu levels, make menus open in a new window and more. Try online demo.


    • If you delete any of the default menus they will reappear after saving. This is by design. To get rid of a menu for good, either hide it or change it’s access permissions.
    • In the free version, it’s not possible to give a role access to a menu item that it couldn’t see before. You can only restrict menu access further.
    • In case of emergency, you can reset the menu configuration back to the default by going to (replace with your site URL). You must be logged in as an Administrator to do this.
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