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    Youngwhan's Simple Latex

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    This plugin enables latex expression in wordpress post/comment.

    How to use

    • Usage: [math]{Latex Syntax}[/math]
    • For example, [math]x^2+y^2[/math].

    Option1: pre

    • Usage: [math pre={Choose Number}]{Latex Syntax}[/math]
    • [math pre=”0″]{Latex Syntax}[/math]: Displays latex expression. It’s equivalent to [math]{Latex Syntax}[/math]
    • [math pre=”1″]{Latex Syntax}[/math]: Wrapping with <pre>, which shows [math]{Latex Syntax}[/math] itself. This just help to show the code itself
    • [math pre=”2″]{Latex Syntax}[/math]: Same as pre=”1″, but it doesn’t show [math] and [/math] code.

    Option2: align

    • Usage: [math align=”{Choose Alignment}”]{Latex Syntax}[/math]
    • {Choose Alignment}: “top” (default), “bottom”, “middle”, “left”, “right”.
    • It is equivalent to <img style=”float:{Choose Alignment}”/>
    • For example, [math align=”left”]x^2+y^2[/math] will put the latex form at left with the wrapping text.

    YW Latex Settings

    It relys on the cgi to represent math symbols via latex syntax.

    The setting could be one these:


    , which is provided by John Forkosh.

    If you want to have your own mathtex.cgi, you can refer to

    1. Install latex and dvipng
    2. Get and Compile mathtex.cgi

    Once you get the latex(+dvipng) and mathtex.cgi, copy mathtex.cgi into a directory, and tell YW Latex Settings by specifing where the mathtex.cgi is.

    Generally, it can be located in cgi-bin. For example,

    Then, put “” in the YW Latex Settings.

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