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    Yeloni Exit Popup

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    Wooho! We have just launched a new widget – Action Buttons. If you prefer a non-intrusive widget on your website that gently nudges your visitors towards your CTA – you are going to Love these. To see a demo here click here<

    What the plugin does:

    • Adds high converting widgets (Popups & Action Buttons) on the website based on your settings – either when a user is leaving the website, after a specified time duration, after the visitor scrolls, or when the visitor reaches the bottom of the page.

    Free Version Includes:

    1. Design Your Own Widgets

    • You can choose from 2 types of widgets: Popups & Action Buttons. Each of these have multiple themes for Email Subscription, Social Sharing, Offer/Landing Page Redirection, Chat Activation, etc.

    • Customize the theme and messaging according to your requirements – Text, Images, Colors, Fonts etc

    2. Configure Behavior of the Widgets

    • Triggers – Exit Intent, Page Load, Time Delay, Scrolling a certain height of the Page

    • Three types of Exit-Intent – Based on mouse movement, Clicking Browser Back button, Clicking Internal or External Link

    • Widgets with multiple themes for Email Subscription, Social Sharing, Offer/Landing Page Redirection, Chat Activation

    • Ability to create multiple Widgets based on various triggers

    3. Integrations with Email Marketing Services

    • Mailchimp
    • Aweber
    • Active Campaign
    • Sendy
    • Store Emails Locally
    • Other services coming soon

    4. Chat Integrations

    • Zopim Chat
    • Live Chat (coming soon)

    Paid Version Includes: [with a 5 day free trial]

    • Responsive Widgets on Mobile & Tablet Screens

    • Showing Widgets on specific Pages instead of all Pages

    • Show widgets on pressing the back button on mobiles

    Exit Popups are the best way to engage visitors leaving your website. Easily add various types of exit popups with social buttons, offer images, yes no question popups, email subscription forms, mailchimp, aweber & infusionsoft integrations and much more.

    Why you’re going to love Yeloni Exit Popups

    • Yeloni is a Lightweight plugin that will not slow down or clog up your website.

    • Yeloni popup only shows when the user is about to leave your website. It will not show when the user is on the scroll bar, or navigating within your website.

    • Awesome support – here help you be better at what you do.

    • Multiple well tested & high converting themes.

    • Widget Imagery & HTML Design Services – Need a custom image made for your popup? or a custom HTML form designed? We would love to assist you with that.

    • With more than 60% 5 star ratings on the plugin you are sure to love us, just like all our customers!

    If you have suggestions for a new add-on, feel free to email us at Thanks! To know more about Yeloni: Click Here

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