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    PopUp by Supsystic

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    Popup by Supsystic with Popup Builder help you to get newsletter subscribers, promote new products, deliver special offers and get more social followers. Popup maker loaded with full range of features:

    Main Features

    • 30+ Mobile-ready Popup Templates
    • Popup Triggers. When to show / close popup, whom to show, show on next pages, time to display
    • Different Popup types
    • Popup Placement. Modal Popup, Fullscreen Popup, Info Bar, Fly-in, Slide In Popup

    More Popup Options

    Popup types:

    Popup Builder

    What makes people buy up? Firstly emotions. Use Popup builder to popup people’s emotions and up your purchases. By Supsystic team Popup you can easily customize any popup window to your site design attracting users popuply. Popup plugin allows to create magnetizing popup by customizing sizes, attracting visitors attention to bonuses and discounts with popups. Many other various promotion offers becomes more effective by popouping them on the site.

    Popup Triggers

    In order to make visitors feel comfortable with popup on the site, in our Popup plugin we produced more settings to adjust popup appearance unobtrusively and display only most needed information with popup. In Pop Up settings you can establish how many times show popup for one guest, concrete day or night time to use popup, which pages you want popup can be seen, moment of popup closing and many others of these popup setting variants.

    Layered Popup Style

    Lots of first time popup users think where to place popup or at least how to place popuping popup as they want, because everybody understand that popup must be both gentle and appropriate. New technologies of popup builders and methodologies of popup masters inspired us to provide Layered PopUp Style.

    You can find this popup option following the pass: Popup plugin> Create new popup> Design> Popup Location. Here you see gratified Popup Layout with name of the site places for popup to appear.

    Just choose a best spot for your popup and place. Thus your popup will be bonded to popup on the established popup cell.

    Popup Build-in Page

    In the case when Layered Popup Style doesn’t suit you, we have made another popup feature to satisfy your popup needs. This popup option right for people who always know what popup they want and how it must popuping on the page. So here comes Build-in page Popup. There is Main Tab Settings in the “Add New Popup” or “Open old Popup”. There, in the “When to Show Popup section” Build-in Page are waiting for your Popup adjustments.

    By Build-in Page Popup shortcode you can explore it pasting Popup into the any place of your site for popup to stay there constantly. Ergo, site visitors will see popup information and will be delighted with the beauty of Your Popup Art.

    Popup Opening Animations

    Simple popuping window now hardly ever can impress at least somebody even popup owner. To untie the popup knot we offer you to taste our backed feature of modern popups – Opening and closing Popup Animation. Supsystic Popup plugin accounts twenty-eight different elated, amused and cheerful Popup animations!
    To find and add euphoric popup to your site follow the instructions:

    • “Add New Popup” or “Open old Popup”
    • “Design” Popup Tab Settings
    • Popup “Opening/ Closing Animation”

    Splendid! Put your cursor on the one or just carry through of Popup animation squares and feel overflowing willy-willy of esthetic pleasure of popup aniart.

    Lock Content

    Some of sites are made only for adult or any other limited users auditory. If you are looking for feature to meet your requirements, come as you are to Popup Builder by Supsistic and Popup Your Life Simplicity!

    We thought about popup for you and will tell how to Lock your site Content with Popup advantages. For this kind of popup follow the next:

    1. “Add New Popup” or “Open old Popup”
    2. “Main” Tab Settings of Popup
    3. “When to show” PopUp
    4. “When page loads”
    5. “When to close PopUp”
    6. “Only after action (Subscribe / Share / Like)”
    7. “Whom to show” PopUp
    8. “Until user makes an action” on the Popup. One site user will need to subscribe on Popup only one time for a specified period. To make Popup remember only for one browser session – use 0 here, to make Popup remember forever – try to set big number.
    9. Don’t forget to save changes in Popup Builder.

    Now on site pages with Popup the users will see the Popup message stating that they need to share this page or login to unlock content. To set popup closing after login, make popup with login or contact form.

    Locking content with popup builder can be also successfully practised for shops or blogs to connect emails with popup and then use Newsletter mailing to popup purchases by attractive proposition.

    Popup Plugin Support

    Popup Customers Support is the only one tool to help you survive in Popup Plugins World. Contact us, if your Popup Lifes come down or you need a Powerful Popup Advice from experienced Popup Backing Masters and your dreams come true!

    Popup Translations

    Wanna feel outfitted and equipped enough? Get Pop Up Pro version for free! Just write about your intention to popup support and translate Popup to the one of new languages. Let’s Popup the WordPress beginners!
    Available translations for PopUp by Supsystic:

    • English
    • Dutch
    • French
    • German
    • Indonesian
    • Italian
    • Persian
    • Polish
    • Portuguese (Brazil)
    • Romanian
    • Russian
    • Spanish
    • Spanish (Colombia)
    • Spanish (Mexico)
    • Spanish (Venezuela)
    • Turkish

    Popup is the tool of professionals and people who are thirsty to new highs of success. Involve visitors with popup to show them better life of popup information and popup usage benefit.
    At all corners of WWW Popup opens new possibility level for every popup user!
    Supsystic Popup plugin has the lightest kids intuitive installation ever created. You can explore lots of different features of Popup Builder, like watching “YouTube” and “Vimeo” videos in the same popup window and appreciate the concrete animation of the Plugin by clicking on the thumbnails. Or creating contact form in Popup to collect user’s emails and even make Popup work with Newsletter Subscribe Form of Supsystic plugin! Thus not only gather user’s emails, but also attach to different Subscriber Lists of mailing automatically.

    Some of the main merits of Popup to instal right now:

    1. Immediate operation after activation, no need for additional image/video configurations or short coding

    2. Wide range of settings to configure the optin plugin and make it work for different tasks.

    Popup Types

    Common Popup

    It is a type of Popup that comes first for creating New one Popup. Twenty-nine popup common templates are made for your simplifying work with popup. To Common Popup Builder you can easily add map, popup background pictures and social share buttons for unique design of your popup. Minimize your time for popup production with ready popup common temples.

    Contact Form Popup

    To pump your Popup Builder with contact form requires several easiest actions: make a contact form and insert it to popup with shortcode. Furthermore, you can edit popup and contact form in popup in the same time.

    This theme of contact form popup allows user to model and manage the popup contact forms easily on the WordPress website and product popup with contact form inside. There is a popup wonderful possibility to add the image or text button link in all popups with contact forms. That popup contact form permits to send emails to the popup administration page and permits to change the site admin email address.

    Video Popup

    When you are on the start level of the online shop owner you may see that only a little part of your site visitors buy the something. To improve the situation explore the Popup to collect emails with popup contact form and aware your potential clients in last sales, bonus programs or others. Also you may try login/registration popups to bond your guests with special proposals on popups. Or, for example, try Social Share Buttons in the PopUp Builder.

    Perform your site in candy attraction resource with Video Popup Builder features! Enterprise Popup Elegant Box with tutorials, advertising, reviews and your team achievements now is possible with Pop Uping Video on WordPress sites.

    Facebook Like Popup

    More then 50% of population of the Earth is addicted to the internet and social share resources. Make them involved in your products/ services with Popup plugin. Or just become popular offering to share your site along the FB, Twitter, Linkedin etc. by Facebook Like Popup. Installing of the Popup Builder doesn’t take much time or effort than to drink coffee or tea.
    Facebook Like Popup is the most gentle way to welcome your visitors for website interaction. Try simple Facebook Like Popup by Supsystic in the box to show your social sites profile.

    Age Verification Popup

    Working with adult site content, sometimes is needed to be sure kids not watching. Use simple Popup builder to provide Popup Age Verification and prevent problems. Popup Age Verification works easily in psychological aspect and give maximum result with little expenses. Minimalistic design of the popup can be fairly edited in Popup Age Verification template.

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