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    xili-language provides for a bilingual (or multilingual) website an automatic selection of language (.mo) in theme according to the language of current post(s) or page. Theme’s behaviour can be fully personalized through settings, hooks and api. Ready for CMS developers and designers.

    • W A R N I N G – see tab and chapters in changelog – further versions are in github repository

    • xili-language plugin provides an automatic selection of language in theme according to the language of displayed post, series of posts, page or articles. If the post is in gaelic, the texts of the theme will be in gaelic if the author checks the post as gaelic and if the theme contains the right .mo file for this target language.

    • A very readable interface with a list of titles (and links) to help you write/edit/modify articles and their translations.

    • To help authoring, current user can choose language of his dashboard.

    • xili-language select on the fly the multilingual .mo files present in the theme’s folder (no cookies, no redirections like “301”).

    • xili-language uses a custom taxonomy to specify language of post, page and custom post. Full compatible with WP JSON REST API

    • xili-language plugin works on WordPress installation in mono (standalone) or on one site belonging to a multisite (network) install.

    • xili-language plugin works on WordPress installation for WebApp with JSON REST API – see changelog because WP JSON REST API 1.2.1 in under full development but yet powerful.

    • As educational plateform in constant changing since 2009, xili-language trilogy tries to use most of the WordPress Core functions and features (Custom taxonomy, API, metabox, pointer, help, pomo libraries, …). The options are adjustable.


    According some users, current versions can be stable with recent WP versions. BUT since 2 years, a new version is fully rewritten and tested in few websites. These new versions are available in Github and here in WP repository in tag Advanced View. Your feedback will be very valuable.

    Version 2.21.2

    • Last Updated 2017-04-17 (readme for new look of plugins repository – tested in websites with WP 4.7.3), further versions are in github
    • W A R N I N G – see tab and chapters in changelog

    For bbPress users, xili xl-bbp-addon plugin is no more a plugin. Components are optionally (if bbPress active) included. An option is also added in Experts tab of settings.


    • A project of a website with articles in different languages.
    • A localizable theme : Every themes with localization (or translation-ready like twentyfourteen) can be easily used (and improved) for realtime multilingual sites.
    • A tool to translate .po files of the theme and built .mo files (poEdit or better xili-dictionary – see below ).
    • see this page in

    What to prepare before and during installation before activating

    • verify that your theme is translation-ready. Collect .po files of theme for target languages.
    • if rtl languages are used, verify that theme contains rtl.css file.

    Links and documentation to read before activating

    Themes provided as examples

    Other compatible plugins by xiligroup dev

    including xili-language plugin

    Please verify that you have installed the latest versions of:

    • xili-dictionary plugin: With xili-dictionary, it is easier to create or update online, via admin/dashboard UI, the files .mo of each language.
    • xili-tidy-tags plugin: With xili-tidy-tags, it is now possible to display sub-selection (cloud) of tags according language and semantic trans-language group (trademark,…).

    That this plugin does not

    With around 8000 php lines, xili-language is not everything…

    • xili-language plugin does not create additional tables in the database, do not create cookies and only use 4 lines in Options table. xili-language simply makes proper use of the taxonomy tables and postmeta table offered by WordPress to define language and link items between them. Because xili-language plugin does not modify deeply the post edit UI, it is possible to use iPhone / iPod Touch WordPress app to prepare and draft the post.

    • xili-language plugin does not replace the author or the editor. No automatic translation. Content strategist is the master of the languages, the contents and the navigation inside the website. With xili-dictionary, webmaster can translate the theme’s items and when .mo files are in place, xili-dictionary can be deactivated. For design, the creator is free to choose text or graphic. xili-language does not provide flags (or few as example in child-theme example like twentytwelve-xili )!

    Newbie, WP user, Developer,…

    • Dear Newbie: originally built for webmaster and developer, the plugin trilogy progress since 6 years to be more and more plug and play for newbies who can read and spend a little time mainly for translation.

    • xili-language is also dedicated for theme’s creator or webmaster with knowledges in CMS and WP and having (or not) tools to create .mo language files. Through API (hook), the plugin add automatic tools (or links or filters) for sidebar or top menus. Categories or Archives lists are translated also.

    • xili-language provides also series of functions which can be hooked in the functions.php file of the theme that you create i.e. for a cms like multilingual website.

    Licence, donation, services, “as is”, …

    Contrary to popular belief, GPL doesn’t say that everything must be zero-cost, just that when you receive the software (plugin or theme) that it not restrict your freedoms in how you use it. Free open source plugin does not mean free services

    • Texts of licence: GPLv2
    • Donation link via paypal in sidebar of dev.xiligroup site
    • Services : As authors of plugin, dev.xiligroup team is able to provide services (consulting, training, support) with affordable prices for WP multilingual contexts in corporate or commercial websites.
    • Plugin is shipped as is : see no warranty chapter in license GPLv2.


    • Improved documentation for getting starts, template tags and functions – here in news or here by Vladimir.
    • Delivery of a premium services kit (with powerful features and attractive fees) packaged with professional training and support.
    • Updating sources (parts are 6 years old) with new libraries provided since WP 4.2.
    • Contributions are welcome 😉

    More infos

    1. Technical infos
      1.1. Prerequisite
      1.2. CMS
      1.3. Documentation for developers
      1.4. More infos and docs
    2. Flags
    3. Compatibility

    1. Technical infos

    • REMEMBER : xili-language follows the WordPress story since more than 6 years. Initially designed for webmasters with knowledge in WP, PHP,… step by step the plugin will improved to be more and more plug and play. So don’t forget to visit this latest demo and news, see this other demo and Forum.

    1.1. Prerequisite

    Verify that your theme is international (translation ready) compatible (translatable terms like _e('the term','mythemedomaine') and no displayed texts ‘hardcoded’ (example in default bundled themes of WP named twentyfourteen or twentyfifteen ).

    • This latest version works with WP 4.0+ in mono or multisite.

    1.2. CMS

    • CMS = Content Management System
    • Contains features dedicated to multilingual theme’s creators and webmasters. Don’t forget to read documented source code.

    1.3. Documentation for developers

    A table summarizes all the technical features (widgets, template tags, functions and hooks) of this powerful plugin for personalized CMS created by webmaster.

    • Provides infos about text direction ltr ou rtl of languages (arabic, hebraic,…) of theme and of each post in loop
    • unique id for category link hook see expert’s corner posts
    • hooks to define header metas or language attributes in html tag.

    1.4. More infos and docs

    • Other posts, articles and more descriptions here and here in action.
    • Visit also Forum to obtain more support or contribute to others by publishing reports about your experience.

    2. Flags

    Default flags provided in bundled child themes like TwentyFourteen-xili 2014 came from famfamfam. To be compliant to the design and look, choose your own series of flags. Be aware of size and file naming.

    3. Compatibility

    xili-language is compatible with the plugin xili-dictionary which is able to deliver .mo files on the fly through the WP admin UI (and .po files translatable by other translators). xili-dictionary used a specific taxonomy without adding tables in WP database.

    xili-language is compatible with the plugin xili-tidy-tags. xili-tidy-tags lets you create multiple group of tags. That way, you can have a tag cloud for tags in English, another cloud for French tags, another for Spanish ones, and so on. You can also use the plugin for more than multilingual blogs. Basically, you can create any group of tags you want.

    xili-language is full compatible with the plugin xilitheme-select to be used with iPhone, iPod Touch or other mobiles. Also with xili re/un-attach media !

    More informations about other plugins in the website or in WP Repository

    The plugin is frequently updated. Visit Other versions.
    See also the dev.xiligroup Forum.
    * Tags from previous readme : theme, post, plugin,posts,page,category,admin, bilingual, dictionary,.po file, widget,international, i18n, l10n, WP network, multisite, blogroll, japanese, khmer, rtl, translation-ready, bbpress, jetpack, polylang

    © 2008-2018 – MS –

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