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    Run each language in a separate site, and connect the content in a lightweight user interface. Use a customizable widget
    to link to all sites.

    This plugin lets you connect an unlimited amount of sites with each other.
    Set a main language for each site, create relationships (connections), and start writing. You get a new field now to
    create a linked post on all the connected sites automatically.
    They are accessible via the post/page editor screen – you can switch back and forth to translate them.

    In contrast to most other translation plugins there is no lock-in effect: When you disable our plugin, all sites
    will still work as separate sites without any data-loss or garbage output.

    Our Language Manager offers 174 languages, and you can edit them.


    • Set up unlimited site relationships in the site manager.
    • Language Manager with 174 editable languages.
    • Edit all translations for a post or page from the original post editor without the need to switch sites.
    • Show a list of links for all translations on each page in a flexible widget.
    • Translate posts, pages and taxonomy terms like categories or tags.
    • Add translation links to any nav menu.
    • No lock-in: After deactivation, all sites will still work.
    • SEO-friendly URLs and permalinks.
    • Support for top-level domains per language (via multisite domain mapping).
    • Automatic hreflang support.
    • Support for custom post types.
    • Automatically redirect to the user’s preferred language version of a post.
    • Duplicate sites. Use one site as template for new site and copy everything: Posts, attachments, settings for plugins
      and themes, navigation menus, categories, tags and custom taxonomies.
    • Synchronized trash: move all connected post to trash with one click.
    • Change relationships between translations or connect existing posts.
    • Quicklinks. Add links to language alternatives to a post automatically to the post content. This is especially useful
      when you don’t use widgets or a sidebar.
    • User specific language settings for the back-end. Every user can choose a preferred language for the user interface
      without affecting the output of the front-end.
    • Show posts with incomplete translations in a dashboard widget.

    We cannot guarantee free ad hoc support. Please be patient, we are a small team.
    You can follow our progress and development notices on our
    developer blog.

    Premium Support

    We also offer premium support to save your time.
    You get direct help from the developers of the plugin-and support the development.

    WPML to MultilingualPress

    If you would like to switch from the WPML plugin to MultilingualPress, you can use the helping hands of
    WPML to MultilingualPress. This plugin converts posts from
    an existing WPML multilingual site via XLIFF export/import for MultilingualPress.

    Crafted by Inpsyde

    The team at Inpsyde is engineering the Web since 2006.

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