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    Ceceppa Multilingua

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    I created Ceceppa Multilingua to let WordPress have an easy to use interface for managing a fully multilingual web site.
    With “Ceceppa Multilingua” you can write your posts and pages in multiple language. Here are some features:


    • Quick Edit mode. Allow you to edit the main content and its translations easily from one page/
    • Separated posts and pages for each languages, so you can use different SEO and url for each languages.
    • Translate your theme ( Plugin let you translate strings and will generate the .mo file for wordpress )
    • URLs pretty and SEO-friendly. ?lang=en, /en/foo/ or
    • Translate widgets title.
    • Filter widgets by language
    • Translate Site Title / Tagline
    • One-Click-Switching between the languages
    • One-Click-Switching between the translations
    • Category link translation
    • Different menu for each language.
    • Add flags to menu
    • Customize “Navigation label” for each language
    • Group/Ungroup comments for each post languages.
    • Show notice when the post/page that user is viewing is available, based on the information provided by the browser, in their its language
    • Least Read Posts, Most Commented, Most Read Posts can show only the posts in user selected language
    • Change wordpress locale according to current language, useful for localized themes
    • Show the list flag of available languages on top or bottom of page/post
    • Plugin works also with custom post types 🙂
    • Redirects the browser depending on the user’s language.
    • Different post filter method
    • Filter search in according to current language
    • Allow you to translate your own custom post type slugs
    • Compatible with wpml-config.xml ( experimental )


    • “CML: Language Chooser” – Show the list of available languages
    • “CML: Recent Posts” – The most recent posts on your site
    • “CML: Text” – You can write arbitrary text or HTML separately for each language


    3rd part compatible plugins

    • WordPress SEO by YOAST
    • All in one SEO pack
    • Google XML Sitemaps

    Let’s start

    Ceceppa Multilingua supports infinite language, which can be easily added/modified/deleted via the comfortable Configuration Page.
    All you need to do is activate the plugin, configure categories and start writing the content!


    For more Information visit the Plugin Homepage
    Setting up a WordPress multilingual site with Ceceppa Multilingua


    Plugin demo


    Flags directory are downloaded from Flags


    Some icons from Icons

    jQuery plugins

    Tooltip plugin for Jquery Tipsy

    Php gettext

    Php-gettext by Danilo Shegan [php-gettext]
    Pgettext by Ruben Nijveld

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    Published5 years ago

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