• Access & Security 95
  • Administration 172
  • Advertisement 92
  • Audio & Video 66
  • Author & Content 99
  • Comments 96
  • Communication 110
  • Communities & Forums 84
  • Development 47
  • E-Commerce 76
  • Email Management 53
  • Events & Calendars 80
  • Language 25
  • Map & Weather 44
  • Migration & Conversion 28
  • Miscellaneous 254
  • Mobile 15
  • Photos 143
  • Plugins 260
  • SEO & Site Speed 118
  • Social 186
  • Theme Enhancement 169

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    WP Live Statistics

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    Awesome web stats for your website.
    get stats for top things like broswers, operating system, Screen Size, Countries, Cities, Referers, Pages, User, link type and many more.

    WP Live Statistics by


    Awsome Dashboard for stats

    Awesome graphical representation for top site factors like Top OS, Top Screen Size, Top Browsers, Top Page Terms, Top Countries, Top Cities, Top Referers, Top Pages, Top User.

    Visitor Online

    see who visit your website now and from where by using Google map.

    Visitor List

    List of all visit by date some usefull data you will know about visitors.

    Filter Top Stats

    Filter stats between two date and find top factor for your website. like top 20 user, top 10 url and etc.

    Exclude Browser(Pro feature)

    Now you can exclude any browsers(bot’s) for tracing visit.

    Exclude User by ID(Pro feature)

    You can exclude any user by id for tracing.

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