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    WP Knowledgebase

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    Create an attractive and professional knowledgebase. It’s easy to use, easy to customise, and works with any theme.

    Key Features

    • Simple and easy to use
    • Fully RESPONSIVE
    • Customise your catalogue presentation easily (choose theme colour, sidebar layouts, number of articles to show etc)
    • Super fast search, with predictive text – handy!
    • A selection of sidebar widgets (search, categories, tags, posts)
    • Integrated breacrumb (on/off)
    • Display comments on knowledgebase articles (on/off)
    • Drag & Drop for custom ordering of articles and categories
    • Works across all major browsers and devices – IE8+, Safari, Firefox, Chrome
    • Editable slug (default is /knowledgebase )


    On activation, the plugin will create a page called “Knowledgebase” and on that page there will be the shortcode [kbe_knowledgebase]. If you want to change the slug of that page do so via the WP Knowledgebase settings.

    Advanced Customisation

    Developers, you can completely customise the way the WP Knowledgebase displays by copying the plugin templates to your theme and customising them there. You may be familiar with this method of templating as used by WooCommerce.

    In the plugin’s root directory you will find a folder called template. You can override that folder and any of the files within, by copying them into your active theme and renaming the folder to /yourtheme/wp_knowledgebase. WP Knowledgebase plugin will automatically load any template files you have in that folder in your theme, and use them instead of its default template files. If no such folder or files exist in your theme, it will use the ones from the plugin.

    This is the safest way to customise the WP Knowledebase templates, as it means that your changes will not be overwritten when the plugin updates.

    Official Demo

    User Examples


    English, German, Dutch, Blugarian, Spanish – Spain, Spanish – USA, Spanish – Puerto Rico, Brazilian Portaguese, Swedish, Polish and Indonesian.

    Translators, thank you all for your contribution to this plugin. Much appreciated. If you’d like to help translate this plugin into your language please get in touch. It’s very easy – you don’t have to know any code and it’s a great way to contribute to the WordPress community. Please contact Maeve

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