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    Easy FAQs

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    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are a crucial tool to help your customers get the answers they need, fast.

    A well written Frequently Asked Questions page can give users the answers they need without reading tedious documentation. Organized into a Knowledgebase, Frequently Asked Questions can be a one-stop-shop for staff, users, and anyone else who may need answers.

    Adding a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section to your website, either as a full page with our faqs shortcode or even to the sidebar with our faqs widget, is simple with Easy FAQs.

    Easy FAQs uses the WordPress interface you are already familiar with, and will be easy-to-use for anyone who uses WordPress. Easy FAQs will help you setup a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page in just a few minutes, so that you can answer your customers questions quickly and get back to your work.

    Add an FAQs widget to your sidebar, or embed your FAQs into a Page or Post using our FAQs shortcodes. Or output a random FAQ in your sidebar on each page load, to give helpful tips to your users.

    With the Easy FAQs plugin, you can insert a list of all your FAQs, a list of all FAQs in one or more categories, or output a Single FAQ on any page, post, or sidebar.

    Easy FAQs also allows you to include an images with each FAQ – this is a great feature for adding a photo provide a visual aid. This is especially useful for technical documentation, or providing a photo of your storefront.

    Easy FAQs is a great plugin for:

    • Creating a list of common questions and answers.
    • Adding an FAQ to Your Sidebar to provide helpful tips to your users.
    • Adding an FAQ to a specific Page on your site, to give contextual help.
    • Outputting a List of FAQs on devoted page, to save your support staff and your customers time.
    • Displaying an Image with a FAQ, to give context to the answer. Especially helpful for technical documentation.

    Easy To Use, but Packed With Options

    • Familiar WordPress interface allows you to manage, edit, create, and delete FAQs with no new knowledge
    • Font options to let you choose any font, size, style, or color for each element of your FAQs. Supports Google web fonts
    • Group your FAQs by category, using the familiar WordPress interface
    • Display a Quick Links index, to allow your users to jump to the question of their choice
    • Many widgets and shortcodes to display your FAQs, letting you add quick help to any page of your website.
    • Add images to your FAQs from your Media library, or upload new ones
    • Each FAQ can be linked to an URL of your choice, e.g., linking your full FAQs Page from a Single FAQ

    Premium Support Available

    One-on-one email support is available to people who have purchased Easy FAQs Pro! We can help you with any question you have, from getting up and running to advanced CSS questions.

    Upgrade Today!

    Upgrade To Easy FAQs Pro For Advanced Features, 100+ Themes, and Support

    Easy FAQs Pro adds awesome new features, including:

    • Over 100 professionally designed themes in a wide variety of colors
    • Accordion-style FAQs widget and shortcodes, to showcase your FAQs in a more compact FAQs widget
    • FAQs search form, with the ability to let your users filter their search by category
    • Question Submission Form, so you can receive new questions right on your website.
    • One-on-one email support from our staff

    Learn More About Easy FAQs Pro

    Get Started Using Easy FAQs Today!

    Adding FAQs to your website will be a huge help to your customers, and to yourself. Your customers will be able to get their questions answered quickly, letting them know that you are the place to go for answers to their questions. And you will save time answering questions, allowing you to get back to business.

    Easy FAQs plugin is the easiest way to add customers FAQs to your website, today. Click the Download button now to get started, and you can have an FAQs page in under 15 minutes. The Easy FAQs plugin will inherit the styling from your Theme – so just install, add your faqs, and preview! You can make any tweaks you need in the Settings page later.

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