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    WP Easy Gallery » WordPress Gallery Plugin

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    WordPress Gallery Plugin

    WP Easy Gallery is the best free WordPress gallery plugin for creating and managing you WordPress image galleries. WP Easy Gallery allows you to easily create and edit unlimted image/photo galleries through a simple admin interface.

    Quickly displaying images in your WordPress posts or pages is extremely easy with WP Easy Gallery.

    Gallery plugin features include

    • Display galleries as default WordPress style galleries (option is on settings page)
    • Enhanced social sharing for images in your gallery.
    • Newly added class name (wp-easy-gallery) for easy thumbnail styling.
    • Upload unique thumbnail image for galleries and set custom dimensions.
    • Include multiple galleries on a page or post.
    • Set the ‘sort order’ of images in the galleries.
    • Uses WordPress short code for easy content integration.
    • Pop-up preview for each image – see how each gallery image will look in the pop-up window on your site.
    • Short code button for easy content insertion.
    • And much more…

    For more information about this simple image gallery see the demo: WP Easy Gallery

    Pro gallery plugin features

    • All of the above features, plus…
    • Multiple image uploads to quickly populate your galleries.
    • Improved admin panel for easier gallery and image navigation.
    • Ability to show or hide social sharing buttons.
    • Ability to show or hide gallery overlay.
    • Galleries use 1st image in gallery for thumbnail by default. This can be changed for each individual gallery.
    • Set global thumbnail dimensions for all galleries. This can be overwritten for each gallery.

    WP Easy Gallery Pro » WordPress Gallery Plugin

    Easy to Use WordPress Gallery Plugin

    Upgrade to WP Easy Gallery Pro

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    License Notice

    The developer of this plugin is not in any way affiliated to the developer of the prettyPhoto jQuery plugin.
    prettyPhoto is being developed by Stephane Caron and licensed under the GPLv2 license. As the developer states, prettyPhoto is “totally free to use (…) in all projects, even commercial ones”.

    For more information on prettyPhoto please visit the project page:
    prettyPhoto project page

    Please consider a donation to the author of prettyPhoto in order to support the project!

    Complete list of WordPress Plugins by HahnCreativeGroup.

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