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    Gallery Master – Responsive Photo Galleries & Albums

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    Gallery Master creates 100% responsive Photo Galleries in minutes. Easy to customize with various views.

    If you are looking for an effective, reliable, yet simple to use photo gallery plugin, then you will love this one!

    Gallery Master is the Most Easy and Powerful plugin to create a gallery on WordPress.

    You can make the required customizations for the view in the shortcode in advance to adding in the posts/pages.

    Just download this Gallery and you’ll not look for any other gallery anymore!

    Live Demos – Gallery Master

    Create responsive and filterable portfolios with ease on your website.

    Gallery Master is an advanced wordpress plugin with a list of tools and options for adding and editing images for different views.

    It is fully responsive. The product includes plugin for adding image galleries and albums to posts and pages.

    You can add images, providing detailed descriptions, organize the galleries into different albums.

    Considering the large number of galleries in WordPress, Tech Prodigy will improve and enhance the functionality of Gallery Master on Regular Basis, and keep on providing not only a solid Gallery Product but even solid customer support.

    Gallery Master Features

    • Create upto 3 galleries with unlimited images.
    • Add description to each album and then title & description to each image in your album.
    • Upoad any number of photos to each album in the gallery.
    • Add Single Gallery to your page or post using a shortcode.
    • Add a caption to each photo in the album.
    • Change the size of album cover thumbnails and photos in the album.
    • Choose a number of pictures to display in one row in the gallery album.
    • View pictures as a slide show and in a full size.
    • 3 different Widgets: Display a single album, create a list of album links, display latest/random media
    • User-friendly AJAX admin
    • Upload different types of media

    Gallery Master Pro Version

    • Domain Installation (x1 change anytime)
    • Responsive Gallery
    • Unlimited Galleries
    • Unlimited Albums
    • Unlimited Images
    • Multi – Lingual
    • Auto Plugin Updates
    • SEO Friendly
    • Shortcode Generator
    • Supports Media Manager
    • Upload Videos
    • Copy Images to other Galleries/Images
    • Move Images to other Galleries/Images
    • Flip Images
    • Rotate Images
    • Exclude certain images from General Settings
    • Creates unlimited amount of albums in the gallery
    • Upload unlimited number of photos to each album
    • Technical Support for 1 month
    • Plugin Updates for Lifetime
    • Add Gallery to your Page or Post
    • Set featured image as an album cover
    • Add description to each album
    • Change size of album cover thumbnails & pics
    • Choose number of pictures to display in row
    • View pictures as a slide show and in a full size
    • Change background color

    Unlimited gallery options allow to choose different designs and styles, which make your gallery attractive for users.

    Gallery Master is the absolute easiest, fastest and most efficient gallery plugin for WordPress.

    You deserve a WordPress responsive gallery plugin that doesn’t frustrate you as you use it – you want a WP gallery plugin that is actually a joy to use.

    Gallery Master Plugin claim to be the best Plugin.

    Gallery master is now available in the following Languages:

    • Albanian (sq)
    • Arabic (ar)
    • Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)
    • Bulgarian (bg_BG)
    • Croatian (hr)
    • Chinese (zh_CN)
    • Chinese – Hong Kong (zh_HK)
    • Chinese – Singapore (zh_sg)
    • Chinese – Taiwan (zh_TW)
    • Chinese – (zh)
    • Czech (cs_CZ)
    • Danish (da_DK)
    • Dutch (nl_NL)
    • Dutch – Belgium (nl_BE)
    • English (en_GB)
    • English (en_US)
    • Estonian (et)
    • Finnish (fi)
    • French (fr_FR)
    • French – Belgium (fr_BE)
    • French – Canada (fr_CA)
    • French – Switzerland (fr_ch)
    • German (de_DE)
    • Greek (el)
    • Hebrew (he_IL)
    • Hungarian (hu_HU)
    • Indonesian (id_ID)
    • Italian (it_IT)
    • Japanese (ja)
    • Korean (ko_KR)
    • Malay Malaysia (ms_MY)
    • Polish (pl_PL)
    • Portuguese (pt_PT)
    • Romanian (ro_RO)
    • Russian (ru_RU)
    • Russian – Ukraine (ru_UA)
    • Serbian (sr_RS)
    • Slovenian (sl_SL)
    • Slovak (sk_SK)
    • Spanish – Chile (es_CL)
    • Spanish – Peru (es_PE)
    • Spanish – Puerto Rico (es_PR)
    • Spanish – Venezuela (es_VE)
    • Spanish – Columbia (es_CO)
    • Spanish – Spain (es_ES)
    • Swedish (sv_SE)
    • Turkish (tr_TR)
    • Thai (th)
    • Ukrainian (uk)

    If you think, that you found a bug in our Gallery master plugin or have any question contact us at []

    Technical support

    Please email all your queries/issues at

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