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    WP Customer Reviews

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    WP customer reviews allows customers and visitors to leave testimonials of services.


    • Compatibility: WP Multisite, WPMU, WPMS, wordpress MU supported.
    • Fast and lightweight: Star rating image will not slow down blogs.
    • External CSS: External stylesheet can be added.
    • Shortcodes options: Shortcodes available to insert review anywhere.
    • Microformat: hReview enabled, configurable business hCard and hReview aggregate supported.
    • Anti spam: Prevents automated spam bots from submitting review.


    0% CPU USAGE
    0.0074 sec LOAD TIME


    Support for this plugin is very poor; no support threads have been resolved so far. There is no documentation for this plugin.

    Plugin ver- 2.4.8       WordPress ver- 3.8.1       Tested on 31 March 2014
    System configuration: 1 core processsor, Memory - 512mb, 20gb SSD Disk

    There are many sites that are crawling for user-generated reviews now, including Google Places and Google Local Search. WP Customer Reviews allows you to setup a specific page on your blog to receive customer testimonials for your business/service OR to write reviews about a product.

    Big News! Version 3 has been released. Click here for details

    • WP Multisite and Multiuser (WPMU / WPMS / WordPress MU) compatible.
    • All submissions are moderated, which means that YOU choose which reviews get shown.
    • Reviews are displayed to visitors in a friendly format, but search engines see the microformat.
    • Multiple anti-spam measures to prevent automated spambots from submitting reviews.
    • Completely customizable, including which fields to ask for, require, and show.
    • Shortcodes available for inserting reviews and review form on any page or widget.
    • Works with caching plugins and custom themes.
    • Includes an external stylesheet so you can modify it to better fit your theme.
    • Reviews can be edited by admin for content and date.
    • Admin responses can be made and shown under each review.
    • Support for adding your own custom fields.
    • The plugin can be used on more than one page, and can be used on posts.
    • Supports both Business and Product review types.
    • Shows aggregate reviews microformat.
    • Fast and lightweight, even including the star rating image. This plugin will not slow down your blog.
    • Validates as valid XHTML 1.1 (W3C) and valid Microformats (Rich Snippets Testing Tool).
    • And much more…

    Almost every new feature that has been added was due to the generous support and suggestions of our users. If you have a suggestion or question, do not hesitate to ask in our forum.

    More information at: WP Customer Reviews

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