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    WP Better Emails

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    All emails from WordPress (lost password, notifications, etc.) are sent by default in text/plain format. WP Better
    Emails wraps them with a much better looking customizable HTML email template and lets you also set your own sender name and email address.

    • WP Better Emails comes with a default simple and clean template that has been tested on various and popular email clients
      like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail/Live, AOL, Outlook, Apple Mail and many more. This to ensure your emails will always display
      nicely in your recipient mailbox. But you can of course design your own.
    • WP Better Emails lets you send sample emails to test and preview your own custom HTML email template.
    • Watch your HTML email template during editing with the live preview.
    • Fancy HTML editor with CodeMirror syntax highlighting.
    • Supports WpMandrill plugin
    • All emails sent by this plugin are sent as ‘multipart’ so that email clients that don’t support HTML can read them.
    • Include some dynamic tags in your template such as your blog URL, home URL, blog name, blog description, admin email or date and time. They will all be
      replaced when sending the email.
    • Add your own tags with WordPress filters (see FAQ for usage).
    • The default template is included as an HTML file in the plugin folder, feel free to edit it with your favorite editor.
    • Clean uninstall process, doesn’t leave some useless data in your database when deleted, you can easily give it a try !

    Example usages :

    • Brand your emails to your website or client website
    • Add some ads/sponsored links to every email sent with wordpress
    • Include some banners to promote a special event or feature of your website


    WP Better Emails is currently available in :

    I’m looking for translators to extend to other languages. If you have translated the plugin in your language or want to,
    please let me know : wpbetteremails [ at ]


    This plugin is free and developed on my spare time. Please consider reading the FAQ and the support guide before posting new topics. Many of them have already been resolved.


    WP Better Emails is also available on GitHub.


    CodeMirror library

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