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    WooCommerce MailChimp

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    WooCommerce MailChimp provides simple and flexible MailChimp integration for WooCommerce.

    Automatically subscribe customers to a designated MailChimp list and, optionally, MailChimp interest groups upon order creation or order completion. This can be done quietly or based on the user’s consent with several opt-in settings that support international opt-in laws.


    WooCommerce Event Selection

    • Subscribe customers to MailChimp after order creation
    • Subscribe customers to MailChimp after order processing
    • Subscribe customers to MailChimp after order completion

    Works with MailChimp Interest Groups

    • Set one or more interest groups to add users to based on the selected MailChimp list.

    Opt-In Settings

    • MailChimp double opt-in support (control whether a double opt-in email is sent to the customer)
    • Optionally, display an opt-in checkbox on the checkout page (this is required in some countries)
    • Control the label displayed next to the opt-in checkbox
    • Control whether or not the opt-in checkbox is checked or unchecked by default
    • Control the placement of the opt-in checkbox on the checkout page

    Translation Support

    Would you like to help translate the plugin into more languages? Join our Translations Community at

    WooCommerce MailChimp translation is managed through WordPress language packs here: This allows WooCommerce MailChimp to be translated into other languages. The preferred tool for translating plugins is called GlotPress. You can read about how GlotPress works in the WordPress Translator’s Handbook.

    Thanks in advance for your help on any translation efforts!

    We also support bundled translations via:

    • Included woocommerce-mailchimp.pot file
    • WPML support via wpml-config.xml

    Included Translations:

    • English (US) (default)
    • French.

    Custom Translations

    If you don’t want to use WordPress language packs or bundled translations, you can use your own custom translations.

    • Place custom translations in /wp-content/languages/woocommerce-mailchimp/woocommerce-mailchimp_{lang}_{country}.mo. This ensures they won’t get overwritten by plugin updates.

    Translation Loading

    If no custom translations are present, languages will be loaded in the following order:

    • From WordPress language packs in: /wp-content/languages/plugins/woocommerce-mailchimp/woocommerce-mailchimp_{lang}_{country}.mo
    • From the plugin bundled in: /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-mailchimp/languages/woocommerce-mailchimp_{lang}_{country}.mo


    • All features should work for each blog in multisite installations.


    WooCommerce MailChimp requires PHP 5.4+ (PHP 7.0+ recommended). You’ll also need to be running WordPress 3.5.1+ and have WooCommerce 2.2+.

    Documentation & Support

    Online documentation and code samples are available via our Help Center.

    Please visit the
    WooCommerce MailChimp support forum on for basic support and help from other users. Since this is a free plugin, we respond to these as we have time.

    Dedicated support will be available with the upcoming WooCommerce MailChimp Pro.


    All development for WooCommerce MailChimp is handled via GitHub. Opening new issues and submitting pull requests are welcome.

    Our public roadmap is available on Trello. We’d love it if you vote and comment on your favorite ideas.

    You can also keep up to date with WooCommerce MailChimp Pro development by subscribing to our newsletter.

    Also, if you enjoy using the software we’d love it if you could give us a review!

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