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    WordPress Leads

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    WordPress Leads works as a standalone plugin or hand in hand with WordPress Landing Pages & WordPress Calls to Action to create a powerful & free lead generation system for your business.

    WordPress Leads assists with capturing and segmenting user activity into lead profiles. Leads plugin ships with it’s own form collection tool but can be extended to use Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, or Contact Form 7. This plugin connects directly with the Landing Pages and Calls to Action plugin provided by Inbound Now.

    Gather Valuable Intelligence on your Leads:

    • View the page view funnel leading up to a submission
    • See past comments they have made on your blog
    • Know what they have searched for on your site
    • Learn where referral traffic is coming from
    • See social media profiles and sites they own (Provided by Full Contact)
    • Gather demographic data
    • Learn their topical interests

    This powerful lead data can help you sell smarter and more efficiently.

    WordPress Leads was originally built as an add-on for WordPress Landing Pages but quickly grew into its own stand alone plugin to capture lead information on any page of your site.

    Manage your leads directly from the admin interface, or send the lead data into a third party CRM of your choosing.

    This plugin is built to be fully extendable by providing custom action and filter hooks, allowing for an almost endless number of powerful CRM application addons.

    WordPress Leads is WordPress’s first fully extendable CRM plugin.


    • Built in visual form builder that is dead simple to use.
    • Automatically detect and collect visitor data from any submitted form.
    • Track and see what pages your leads visited before converting on your site to gain valuable lead intelligence
    • Integrates seamlessly with WordPress Landing Pages and WordPress Calls to Action Plugins
    • Easily search, view, and modify lead (contact) information with bulk lead management tool
    • Uses geolocation services to detect additional information on first time conversion.
    • Sync your leads with a third party CRM like, Zoho or sugarCRM.
    • Connect with Zapier to send leads to over 300+ different CRM and Email marketing tools
    • Developers: Extend Leads with custom functionality via built in api
    • Integrate with 39+ Email service providers for Email Autoresponder Campaigns
    • Integrate with 36+ CRM providers for easy lead management

    About the Plugin

    This is a free plugin that was built to help people collect, store, and manage lead/contact information to better understand each lead that comes into their site. It’s built with inbound marketing best practices in mind and integrates seamlessly with the free WordPress Landing Pages plugin.

    Developers & Designers

    We built Lead Management as a framework! You can use our extendable framework to bring custom solutions to your application.

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