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    This plugin gives you the abillity to add a store to your WordPress, based on a tradetracker productfeed. Tradetracker is an affiliate system that has
    the abillity to generate a product feed for you. So you can have a store that brings in money without the hassle of owning a complete webstore. All you need to do is choose a store connected on tradetracker and add it. Users of your blog will then see the products on your blog and when interested they will be sent to the store. When they buy an item you will get a percentage of that sale.

    You can also add zanox, daisycon, tradedoubler, paidonresults and cleafs With the new premium addons.

    Plugin also supports Lightbox. So if you don’t have it yet i would advise to install

    So remember: This plugin will not give you the ability to sell you own stuff. It gives you the ability to import product feeds from affiliate networks.

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    Published7 years ago

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