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    Subscribe Forms

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    Try the free Live Demo Click here :

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    Create Beautiful Subscribe Forms easily in less than 1 minute. Itegrated with MailChimp and GetResponse.

    From now you don’t need to create boring white subscribe forms that do not convert. Use Subscribe forms and create, Using Premium form templates which are designed to not just increase your subscribers but maximize them.

    Simple, Easy to Use, Subscribe Form Plugin Saves you hours of work

    You can create high converting subscribe forms in seconds without having any technical knowledge. Subscribe Form offers beautiful templates that are designed to increase subscribers. You can collect subscribers data and send it directly to MailChimp or save it in your database and export as .csv file for any E-mail marketing service.

    With Subscribe form plugin you can easily change the styling of your forms in no time to match the styling of your theme. Now its time to get rid of boring white and grey subscribe forms on which no one pays attention.

    With our collection of Subscribe Form templates your Forms will look as good as they perform. Designed to maximize your subscribers. Our Subscribe Form templates offer complete flexibility and are easily customizable. Easy to use template editor will boost your speed of Subscribe Form creation.

    PopUp, Flyins, Bars, Full Page Optin All in one

    With PluginOps Popup builder you can build any kind of optin forms and place anywhere on your website without any hassle.

    Use our form building techniques and we guarantee you more than 100% increase in subscribers


    • 60+ Free Templates.
    • Visual Template Editor.
    • MailChimp Supported.
    • Shortcode Supported.
    • Shortcode can be used in widgets.
    • No coding skills required.
    • No Powered by or created by message.
    • 50+ Premium Templates Unlocked.
    • PopUp Feature.
    • Subscribe Bar Feature.
    • Unlimited Forms.
    • Responsive Forms.
    • Ajax Forms.

    ==Premium Version Features==

    • Integrations with major email services.
    • Change Form styling.
    • Form data can also be saved in database.
    • Download form data as .csv file.

    Just install and use short-code.

    This plugin works great with the <a href='' target='_blank'
    Landing Page Builder Landing Page plugin reduces your work and helps you collect emails easily and maximize you conversions/sales. Its also comes with 85+ free landing page templates.

    Pop-ups, when used correctly, can significantly increase form submissions on websites, enhancing lead generation, newsletter sign-ups, and overall user engagement. Here are several ways in which implementing pop-ups can boost form submissions, along with strategies for effective use:

    1. Immediate Attention Grabber
      Strategy: Use eye-catching designs and concise messaging.
      Benefit: Pop-ups immediately draw the visitor’s attention to the call-to-action (CTA), encouraging quicker decision-making and action.

    2. Timed Display for Increased Relevance
      Strategy: Set pop-ups to appear after a visitor has spent a certain amount of time on the site, indicating interest.
      Benefit: This increases the likelihood of form submissions by targeting users who are more engaged and thus more likely to be interested in what you’re offering.

    3. Exit-Intent Technology
      Strategy: Implement exit-intent pop-ups that appear when the user is about to leave the site.
      Benefit: Captures the attention of users one last time, offering them something of value (like a discount or free download) in exchange for their email, significantly increasing the chance of a form submission.

    4. Content-Specific Pop-Ups
      Strategy: Use pop-ups that are relevant to the content the user is viewing.
      Benefit: By aligning the pop-up’s message with the content of the page, users are more likely to find the offer valuable and submit their information.

    5. Limited-Time Offers
      Strategy: Create a sense of urgency with pop-ups that promote a limited-time offer.
      Benefit: Urgency can motivate users to act quickly to take advantage of an offer, leading to increased form submissions.

    6. A/B Testing
      Strategy: Regularly test different pop-up designs, messages, and timing to see what works best.
      Benefit: A/B testing helps in understanding what resonates best with your audience, optimizing your strategy for higher conversion rates over time.

    7. Seamless User Experience
      Strategy: Ensure pop-ups are easy to close and do not disrupt the user experience.
      Benefit: A positive user experience makes visitors more likely to engage with the pop-up and submit their information.

    8. Mobile Optimization
      Strategy: Optimize pop-ups for mobile devices to ensure they are not intrusive and are easy to interact with on smaller screens.
      Benefit: With the increasing prevalence of mobile browsing, mobile-friendly pop-ups can significantly increase form submissions from smartphone users.

    Implementation Tips:

    Value Proposition: Clearly communicate the value a user gets from submitting their information, whether it’s exclusive access, a discount, or valuable content.

    Simplicity: Keep the form in the pop-up simple – asking for too much information can deter submissions.

    Compliance: Ensure your pop-up strategy complies with GDPR and other privacy regulations by including clear information on how you will use the data.

    In conclusion, pop-ups are a powerful tool for increasing form submissions, but their success heavily depends on strategic implementation that prioritizes user experience and relevance.

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    Why Create a plugin List?
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    Brave Popup Builder
    Our Latest WordPress Plugin
    Create Awesome WordPress Popups with Intuitive visual Editor. Choose from hundreds of Presets. Create Beautiful Popups and convert more visitors to subscribers, clients and customers.
    This Popup was Built with this plugin.
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