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    Spectoos Testimonials

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    Spectoos testimonials lets you effortlessly collect socially-proofed testimonials from your customers and display them on your website.

    What Are The Main Benefits Of Using Spectoos?

    1. CREATE STUNNING TESTIMONIALS IN 5 EASY STEPS: Spectoos lets you collect testimonials from your customers or colleagues and build a stunning testimonial widget that can be embedded on any page – all this in a matter of minutes.
    2. BUILD TRUST WITH YOUR AUDIENCE: Showing a real person’s face which is linked to a genuine social profile means more credible testimonials that can be verified.
    3. INCREASE YOUR WEBSITE CONVERSION RATE: By placing authentic testimonials on your key web pages you will increase trust with your audience. Getting your audience to trust you will drive a higher conversion rate and help grow your business.

    How It Works?


    1. Invite your customers or colleagues to submit their testimonials via your testimonial request form.
    2. Receive authentic testimonials from your customers and decide which ones to display on your testimonial widget.
    3. Embed the widget code in your web pages and showcase your testimonials to the world.


    1. Copy your existing testimonials from anywhere on the web and add them to your Faceboard (Including: LinkedIn Recommendations, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Amazon, CitySearch etc.)
    2. Your Faceboard will be live in minutes.

    Click to View a Live Testimonials Widget

    Main Features

    • Create a customized testimonial request form with your own image or company logo, and share it via email, text message, social networks and more.
    • Ask your customers for new testimonials.
    • A simple 5-step wizard to help you create the testimonials widget.
    • Simple form to add your existing testimonials and reviews.
    • An easy-to-use dashboard to manage testimonials (approve, reject, and more).
    • Get performance stats of your widget (including impressions, clicks, the most clicked testimonial, and more).
    • Faceboard shortcode – An embeddable stunning widget with rotating faces and clickable testimonials that you can add to any page on your website.
    • Request Form shortcode – A simple and easy form to collect your testimonials from within your site.
    • Full Page shortcode – In addition to the Faceboard widget, you can display your testimonials in a full page layout.
    • A public testimonials page you can share with others.
    • Fully responsive (mobile-friendly).

    Spectoos Paid Plans

    • Display more than 2 testimonials on your Faceboard (your testimonial widget).
    • Customize all colors, font and sizes of your testimonial widget to perfectly match your website design.
    • Increase your search visibility including Google star ratings.
    • Hide Spectoos logo from your Faceboard.
    • Cancel anytime.


    Email us at or communicate with us directly right from within the app. We always answer.

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