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    This plugin uses a blacklist to filter your incoming traffic and block “spam referrer” attacks.

    This blacklist has been compiled using the author’s website and a few others : during the plugin’s
    beta-testing phase, a few webmasters sent their reports to the author in order to find a suitable list of
    domains actually using false referrers to spam (at least) some websites statistics.

    Terms of use

    There aren’t any terms, conditions or restrictions to the use of this plugin and/or the Blacklist : feel free to reuse
    our work ! If you want to use the SpamReferrerBlock Blacklist for other purposes than this plugin, we simply ask that
    you consider linking to this page, to the plugin homepage, or to our blog. That’s all 🙂

    The Webservice

    This plugin uses a Webservice. Please be advised :

    • You will retrieve information from our server. The “Blacklist” consists of a plain JSON file.
    • No need to register or provide personal information.
    • Free of charge, forever.
    • Caution – We technically can access some information while you request the file : your server’s IP address and
      server name, and so on. But we (honestly) DO NOT use ANY information that can be sent to our server during the downloading process, in any way.


    The blacklist will be updated as often as possible, we expect to release weekly updates.
    You can choose to automatically download the blacklist once a day.
    You can choose to filter all connexions or only the first of every session.
    Webmasters are encouraged to submit spammy URLs to help us improve the blacklist (see FAQ).

    Why this plugin ?

    I wrote a post about spam referrer attacks and how to avoid them on my blog : (fr).
    Some webmasters asked me (on Twitter) to write this plugin. They were also targeted by “spam referrer attacks” and sent me the originating domains.
    I compiled a list and put it in a JSON file, which is called by the plugin.

    Plugin home page (fr)

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