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    Simple Sitemap

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    Improve your SEO ranking by adding a HTML sitemap!

    Very quick and easy to use. Add a powerful fully responsive HTML sitemap to your website today! Simply enter the [simple-sitemap] shortcode in a post, page, custom post type, or text widget and you’re good to go. Simple as that!

    The sitemap shortcode has several attributes you can use to control how your sitemap is rendered including:

    • ‘types’: comma separated list of post types to display in the sitemap
    • ‘show_label’: show the heading label for each post [‘true’|’false’]
    • ‘links’: show sitemap list as links or plain text [‘true’|’false’]
    • ‘page_depth’: hierarchy of child pages to show [0|1|2|3]
    • ‘order’: sort order of list [‘asc’|’desc’]
    • ‘orderby’: field to sort by [title|author|date|ID]
    • ‘exclude’: comma separated list of post IDs to exclude

    This gives your visitors an efficient way to view ALL site content in ONE place. It is also great for SEO purposes and makes it easier for spiders to index your site.

    To display the sitemap simply add the [simple-sitemap] shortcode to any post or page (or text widget) and you’ll have a full indexed sitemap enabled on your website!

    Please rate this Plugin if you find it useful. It only takes a moment but it’s very much appreciated. 🙂

    We’re proud to announce that Simple Sitemap Pro is now available!

    Upgrade today for even more flexible sitemap options including:

    • New tabbed sitemap layout.
    • Fully responsive sitemap for column AND tabbed layouts, on all devices!
    • Display sitemap in a horizontal list.
    • Show hierarchical parent pages as links or plain text.
    • Exclude individual pages.
    • Customize sitemap titles for specific pages (via filter).

    Checkout the screenshots, or click here for more details.

    See our WordPress plugin site for more top plugins!

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