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    WP SEO HTML Sitemap

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    If you use WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin as your main SEO plugin, you may have noticed they don’t have a HTML sitemap feature. This plugin is the answer to that problem.

    Features Include

    • Automatically uses all sitemap xml settings from the popular WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin
    • Choose how many columns you want to display
    • Columns have a masonry effect and is compatible with all modern browsers
    • Overwrite, prepend, append, and shortcode options for placement on your sitemap page
    • Fully responsive HTML to all devices
    • Output is multilingual friendly
    • HTML code has passed W3C Markup Validation with 0 errors
    • Ability to disable the plugin’s CSS
    • Optional link to your sitemap_index.xml file

    Matt Cutts on HTML Sitemaps

    When Matt Cutts (Head of Google’s Webspam Team) was asked, what is more important: “A XML sitemap or an HTML sitemap?” YouTube Webmaster Tools Video Matt answered a HTML sitemap. HTML sitemaps help both users and search engine crawlers. “It is always useful to have a HTML sitemap…”.

    Want to see the plugin in action? Live HTML Sitemap Example.

    Note: The WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin is NOT required in order to use this plugin. But this plugin does take full advantage of all settings related to the XML sitemap settings.

    Known oversights:

    • Author Roles filtering, I do not have it setup to be able to filter out author roles.
    • The posts are sorted by name and may not show if a specific Category is selected to not show in the sitemap XML settings in Yoast.
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