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    Simmer for Recipes

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    Professional recipe development is intuitive with the built-in items API of recipes by Simmer.

    Upgrade to Simmer Pro for complete nutrition content for Google Structured Data output, in addition to complete aggregate star rating support and training and documentation resources for customers only.

    Every WordPress theme handles recipes and custom post types differently. For customized support for your theme’s code, purchase a Simmer Pro license for premium support from Simmer customer service and other benefits.

    Simple UI

    Add ingredients, step-by-step instructions, sub-headings, structured cook times, and a lot more all within a user-friendly drag and drop interface.

    Food Data Discovery

    Simmer automatically bakes semantic structure and microdata into the core of every recipe you publish. This allows Google to standardize and serve your recipes across a variety of devices and platforms. In addition, our easy to understand recipe index structure allows you to create endless libraries and collections of specific recipes.


    Simmer is built with developers in mind. Utilize the many actions and filters detailed in the Developer API to customize Simmer to fit any project.

    Additional Features

    • Bulk-add ingredients & instructions as copy/pasted blocks of text
    • Work with any social sharing tools including Jetpack
    • All recipes are fully responsive & ready for mobile depending on your theme out of the box
    • Create custom recipe card themes & styling easily
    • Widgets: display your most recent recipes and/or recipe categories in your sidebar
    • Recipe categories
    • Recipe authors
    • Add recipe servings, yield, cook times, and source name and/or link
    • Embed recipes anywhere in your posts or pages
    • Featured thumbnail for each recipe
    • Front-end recipe printing
    • Localization in over 150 languages, with others always growing

    Follow Simmer’s development on at

    Purchase a Simmer Pro license and premium support in addition to enhanced nutrition content functionality for this plugin.

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