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    Recipe Hero

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    It shouldn’t be difficult to add a recipe to your WordPress site.

    Recipe Hero adds a new custom post type, recipe, to your website. Adding a recipe is just like adding a post. You can add everything from the recipe’s yield to the equipment needed, the cooking time to the ingredients – everything will be automatically formatted for Google Rich Snippets and Pinterest Rich Pins.

    Navigate to to see all the new recipes you’ve added. You can easily customise the CSS to your liking and make it look perfect. It’s automatically set-up to be responsive, clean & beautiful.

    Recipe Hero Extensions

    Just incase you’re looking to get a little bit more out of Recipe Hero, there are a several extensions available, both free and premium:

    See more about Recipe Hero, extensions and what it’s capable of!

    Some Features

    • Custom Post Type for ‘Recipes’
    • Recipe Details, Ingredients & Instructions
    • Instruction Images
    • Recipe Reviews / Ratings
    • Completely Responsive
    • Settings Panel
    • Intuitive Admin / Editing Experience
    • Templating Engine for easy customization (anything can be edited!)
    • Display with easy [recipe] & [recipes] shortcodes
    • Valid Markup – Works with Google Rich Snippets etc. (SEO Optimized)
    • Ingredients checkboxes (users can check off ingredients as they use them)
    • Inherits Your Theme’s Styles Automatically
    • Image Lightbox
    • Recipe Gallery
    • Custom Ordering (sorting and in option)
    • Can Extend / Develop with custom actions, settings, etc.
    • Completely Open Source GPL Project – see GitHub to contribute!
    • Translation-Ready (includes .pot file etc.)
    • Documentation
    • Lovingly Supported

    Contributing: Why not help out? This project is being actively developed on GitHub. Feel free to report issues, help others and make pull requests!

    Translations: If you translate Recipe Hero, please send me your translation so I can add it to the plugin for others to use. Here is a guide to translating the plugin to help you out!

    Roadmap: I’d love for you to get involved in the future of Recipe Hero. Please come visit the Recipe Hero Trello Roadmap


    After creating your first recipe, you’ll normally be able to go to: to view an archive of all your recipes.

    You can also visit Recipe Hero > Settings and choose a Recipe Page. This will turn the chosen page (created through Pages > Add New) into a recipe archive, showing all of your recipes. This is useful for then making that page your home page (in Settings > Reading).

    There are also 2 shortcodes included with Recipe Hero:

    • [recipes] – displays multiple recipes (see docs below)
    • [recipe] – displays single recipe (see docs below)

    For more about displaying recipes, check out our Displaying Recipes documentation.


    They’ll come automatically through the WordPress dashboard – just relax and cook.

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