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    Short URL

    Add to List

    Your article (including custom type) may have a short url hosted by your own domain.

    Replace the internal function of wordpress wp_get_shortlink() by a like url.

    Instead of having a short link like, your short link will be (for instance).

    You can configure:

    • the length of the short link,
    • if the link is prefixed with a static word,
    • the characters used for the short link.

    Moreover, you can manage external links with this plugin. The links in your posts will be automatically replace by the short one if available.

    This plugin is under GPL licence.

    Multisite – WordPress MU

    This plugin is compatible with multisite installation. Each blog may manage their own list of links.


    • Arabic (U.A.E.) translation provided by ZILZAL, alaaasly
    • Arabic (Saudi Arabia) translation provided by ZILZAL
    • German (Austria) translation provided by AndreasK., kikunosuke
    • German (Germany) translation provided by reitermarkus, navelbrush, HenningKlocke, RobertBittner, Netzwerkstudio
    • English (United States), default language
    • Spanish (Spain) translation provided by SebasContre, JosLuisCruz, CalvT
    • Farsi (Iran) translation provided by EhsanKing,, HamidEslami, Yhayakhaledi, Masoud.B
    • French (France) translation provided by SedLex, jlmcreation
    • Indonesian (Indonesia) translation provided by Adhityawicaksana
    • Polish (Poland) translation provided by PiotrL
    • Portuguese (Brazil) translation provided by Blinky, TonyFranco, ViniciusSantos, Bruno
    • Russian (Russia) translation provided by Pacifik, AndreyFedotov
    • Swedish (Sweden) translation provided by Kozley
    • Chinese (People’s Republic of China) translation provided by OWenT

    Features of the framework

    This plugin uses the SL framework. This framework eases the creation of new plugins by providing tools and frames (see dev-toolbox plugin for more info).

    You may easily translate the text of the plugin and submit it to the developer, send a feedback, or choose the location of the plugin in the admin panel.

    Have fun !

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