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    • IMPORTANT as of version 3.7.0 Rootspersona requires PHP5.6 or above
      Check out the Changelog for new release details!

    Rootspersona creates one or more pages of family history using data imported from one or more GEDCOM files.
    It allows an administrator to create pages featuring people or evidence with a variety of panels that can
    be mixed and matched for optimum customization.

    New in 3.0!

    • You can now identify Rootspersona as the System of Record, allowing you to edit your data online!
    • Includes a Top Ten Surnames widget!
    • Support for multi-site installs
    • New Demo Site


    • Support for GEDCOM Version 5.5
    • Support for HTML5 microdata from
    • Ability to upload more than one GEDCOM file from the same source and link families together
    • Ability to select which persons from the GEDCOM file to create pages for
    • As updates are made, GEDCOM files can be reloaded and existing pages will be updated
    • Each page includes links to children and spouses
    • Each page displays a visual family tree that includes three generations
    • Ability to link pictures uploaded to WordPress to each person (up to 7)
    • Flexible privacy options, including Public, Member Only, and Private
    • MANY customization options…

    ** New in 3.0! **

    • if you define Rootspersona as the system of record, you can now edit your data online!
    • enhanced installer now supports multi-site installation!

    For detailed documentation, goto

    Upgrading from versions earlier than 2.4.0

    1. If you are still running a version earlier than 2.4.0, you must first upgrade to 2.4.0 before going any higher


    For detailed documentation, goto [] ( “Documentation”)

    To import your first GEDCOM and create your first page(s):

    1. Find the Upload GEDCOM File page link under Rootspersona Options.
    2. Browse for a GEDCOM file on your local PC and select ‘Upload’.
    3. Select one or more persons to create pages for and select ‘Submit’

    Your WordPress site will now have one or more persona pages for the people you selected!

    Note: importing GEDCOM files from different programs can have unexpected consequences.
    Rootspersona uses the ids generated in the GEDCOM file, and different programs may assign the same ids to different people.
    It is recommended to manage your data in a single program (the ‘system of record’),
    and to use GEDCOM files generated by that program, only.

    = 3.7.5 =
    * fix picFile matching
    * fix shifting captions in Picture Gallery panel
    * converted to


    • incorporated name formatting fixes by Tony Smith


    • fix evidence title
    • fix groupd sheet
    • fix classification & persona_name


    • fix count on empty field


    • fix issue with attaching images


    • IMPORTANT Rootspersona now requires PHP5.6 or above
    • do not delete Evidence Index when deleting persona pages
    • minor bug fixes
    • fix SOR save issue


    • Dutch translation files


    • fix 404 jquery.tablesorter.js not found issue
    • fix issue with evidence page javascript


    • fixed data access issue for SOR mode


    • updated for PHP 7


    • fix issue with page title changing back to last name first


    • fix surname widget (missing div)
    • add batch id to notes lookups


    • added hide donation button option
    • fixed validation tool issue with corrupting page titles


    • fix jquery drag and drop issue on admin screen (WP 3.6.1 compatability issue)
    • fix parent page for evidence causing large top level menus
    • include name suffix (Jr, Sr, etc…) when displaying name(including page titles)
    • surname widget now has links
    • fixed bug blocking new facts in Persona Editor


    • some users reported install issues. read only file was opened rw, perm issues


    • minor error when adding new page


    • fix WP 3.5 compatability issue with JQuery (showed itself on widget screen)
    • Added advanced template feature
    • Fixed 404 error when permalinks used
    • Fixed error in bio shortcode (not retrieving data)


    • fix issue with FACT types versus EVENT types
    • added option to make Editor optional edit privileges


    • fix errant join when multiple batches
    • fix problem with pictures not appearing on edit screen
    • fix save privacy issue at persona level
    • address jQuery issue in WP 3.4


    • remove errant wp_ from table name


    • fix event and fact matching


    • fix issue with mysql connections and families
    • fix issue with parental links when mysql connections needed
    • enhanced debug output with error_log even when xdebug not active


    • Added System of Record support, including adding and editing persons
    • Better handling of surname slashes to avoid mushed names
    • Updated installer to support multi-site WP
    • removed null surnames from top ten list
    • added error check for failure to upload a file


    • Facts panel now displays Facts and Events
    • Cleaned up the options screen
    • fixed a couple of minor javascript bugs
    • fixed IE incompatability with the delete method


    • Support for HTML5 microdata from
    • Added a top 10 surname widget


    • minor fix to CSS for date fields


    • Added simple debug option


    • Reroute private person link on public person page site url
    • new style options to work with more themes
    • fox spousal dates on Descendants panel


    • Added Descendancy Charts to persona page
    • Minor bug fixes


    • Fixed missing batch_id for page edits
    • Fixed missing argument 1 error for edits
    • Use first 60 characters of TITLE if ABBR missing from GEDCOM


    • fixed issue with the Hide Locations option
    • reorganized options page
    • added more style overrides (backgrounds and border colors)
    • added option to delete data after deleting pages
    • fixed issue with multiple entries on index when the GED has multiple names
    • fixed localization bug (pointing to wrong directory)
    • added support for defining different ‘batches’ for GED files (support for separate ‘trees’)


    • rows per page option for indices made visible
    • added style attribute to index shortcodes – supports paginated (default) and scrollable


    • Fix issue with competing index pages


    • Fix issue with missing name in index if full name is not really complete
    • fix issue with multiple birth dates in GEDCOM overwriting death date
    • added surname attribute to index shortcode to support index by shortcode.


    • changed the underlying code to be database driven
    • added more flexible privacy options
    • pictures now wrap on the persona page
    • No more xsl processing
    • plugin processes with less memory
    • picture selection now interfaces with the WordPress media picker
    • improved localization
    • indexes now paginated (but sorting is gone)
    • you can now customize the banner (the divider between persona panels) to be more consistent with your theme
    • support for multiple character encodings
    • added a second panel design for the header panel that display a bio
    • added an optional bio panel


    • misc bug fixes


    • sorting Evidence Index by title
    • formatting Evidence title


    • sorry, few bugs in 1.6


    • added more events to the Facts panel
    • added validation of parent page assignment to page validation
    • upload process uses less memory
    • upload process now converts most character encodings to UTF-8
    • added error checking for file not found, empty HTML pages
    • added Evidence pages
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