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    ResRes is a fully featured restaurant reservation and menu system. Create custom menus to show off your dishes, and allow your customers to easily reserve a table online.


    • Easily add a reservation form to your WordPress site via a shortcode.
    • The form will automatically block out days and times your restaurant is closed to stop people from booking the wrong times.
    • Set certain weekdays as closed on the calendar and also set specific days (such as Christmas day) closed as well.
    • Customisable customer and admin emails.
    • Built in tags to easily add info to emails such as reservation date, party size, etc.
    • Opening times & location shortcode.
    • Themeroller styled forms ( Smoothness only )
    • Menu creation is a breeze thanks to using WordPress Custom Post Types.
    • Each dish can be added to a section named whatever you like (Starters, Main Courses, etc).
    • Each section can be re-ordered via a drag and drop interface or via the shortcode settings.
    • Comes with the default template: two column layout.

    Premium Version

    ResRes Premium

    • The built in admin reservation page, allows you to easily see how many people have booked on any given day.
    • You can also mark customers as cancelled or arrived.
    • Allow users to select what section of your restaurant they would like to sit in.
    • Use the built in numeric captcha system or use reCAPTCHA .
    • Cancellation form available.
    • Themeroller styled forms ( All the default jQuery UI Themeroller styles )
    • If you need more than one menu, the shortcodes allow for different sections and event templates to be shown.
    • 6 more templates available – list, chalkboard, grid, simple, accordion and accordion columns.
    • Easily assign allergen information or wine type (dry, full bodied, etc) to a dish in text or icon form.
    • Easily add chili icons to denote spicy heat!
    • MailChimp integration.
    • A capacity system, allows you to limit the number of bookings per hour.


    Please make sure you read the documentation.

    Further support can be found in the support forum (registration required)

    Feature requests and bug reports can be requested/reported via this form.

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