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    ReDi Restaurant Reservation

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    ReDi Restaurant Reservation plugin allows you to manage reservations for your restaurant business. This plugin can help to receive reservations from clients online. Your clients will be able to see available space at specified time, and if it’s available, client is able to make a table reservation.
    Initially you need to setup number of persons that can book at one time, working times and restaurant details.

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    Download user guideline

    Supported languages:

    • Czeck
    • Danish
    • Deutsch
    • English
    • Español
    • Eesti
    • Français, check out video review
    • Italiano
    • Magyar
    • Nederlands
    • Norwegian
    • Polski
    • Português
    • Türkçe
    • Slovak
    • Svenska
    • Suomi
    • Русский
    • עברית (Hebrew)
    • 日本語 (Japanese)

    If you need more languages, please contact us!

    Basic package functionality

    • View your upcoming reservations from your Mobile/Tablet PC and never miss your customer. This page should be open on a Tablet PC and so hostess can see all upcoming reservations for today. Page refreshes every 15 min and shows reservations that in past for 3 hours as well as upcoming reservations for next 24 hours. By clicking on reservation you will see reservation details. Demo version can be accessed using this link: Open demo version
    • Setup maximum available seats for online reservation by week day
    • Open times. This option will enable you to choose between various working hours whichever is most convenient to you.
    • Support for multiple places. Number of places depends on number of subscriptions.
    • Blocked Time. Define time range when online reservation should not be accepted. Specify a reason why reservations are not accepted at this time to keep your clients happy.
    • Send client reservation confirmation emails from WordPress account
    • Email template customization for all supported languages

    Basic package price is 5 EUR per month per place. To subscribe please use following PayPal link: Subscribe to basic package
    Please provide API key into comment field. You can find API key from setting page.

    Please allow 1 business day for us to confirm your payment and upgrade your account.

    Additional services (by request)

    • Use your Facebook account for your business. Make clients from your Facebook fans. View presentation.
    • We can offer you white labeled restaurant reservation application for Facebook Application, iPhone/iPad Application, Windows Phone Application or Android Application. Please send request by email:
    • Enhance your business experience by using our Facebook integration service where we try to provide you with profile pictures of your customers if found. You can amaze your customer by knowing him by face when he visits you, especially at the time of first visit.
    • Do you want to know what your client thinks about his last visit? We will collect it for you.
    • Remind your customer about upcoming reservation via Email or by SMS
    • Collect pre-payment for reservations
    • Send birthday promotions or reminders to visit your restaurant again with MailChimp integration.
    • If you are building a catalogue of restaurants and looking for the perfect reservation plugin for it, we can provide it to you.
    • Do you want to write your own module? We have an API. Contact us to get more information.

    If you would like to add some new functionality or have any other queries, please contact us by email:

    Other plugins

    • If you need to manage more complex reservations, please check our ReDi Reservation too.
      plugin too.
    • Improve your restaurant’s turnaround time by allowing the clients to call a waiter using their smart phones via a mobile web page with our QR Code Waiter Calling System plugin.
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