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    Real Estate Website Builder

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    From the creators of Create your fully functional real estate website with a single plugin. Some of the features include:

    • RETS integrations available, continuously updated with your MLS.
    • Create / edit / update / search listings.
    • Set listings as “Featured” to highlight them in your sidebar throughout your site.
    • Every listing automatically has a unique landing page created – great for SEO.
    • Fully customizable sidebar layout and custom Placester real estate widgets.
    • Unlimited images per listing.
    • Free themes that work seamlessly with this free Placester plugin (hosted premium themes also available).

    See it in Action

    This is the only plugin you need to create a powerful WordPress powered real estate website. Watch our quick demo about how to get started:

    Getting Started with a Non-Placester Theme

    Check out some of the premium themes available to hosted users:
    Franklin Theme
    Plymouth Theme
    Sedona Theme
    Highland Theme

    Find the latest themes and theme updates at


    • Easy setup – create a new free Placester account in one step to enable listings on your site. No credit card required.
    • Easily add listings – manually add listings to your website via the plugin admin panel or account dashboard
    • Populate your web site with the listing inventory from your MLS or property database company
    • Always up-to-date, Placester automatically updates itself with the the latest listings data
    • Create and manage listing landing pages
    • Tune the listings on the site for the target market
    • Customize sidebar layout using robust widgets
    • Powerful search based on the Placester API and Google Maps
    • Easily promote featured properties across your site
    • Designed for search engine optimization from top to bottom
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