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    Showcase IDX Real Estate Search

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    Showcase IDX lets real estate agents embed a beautifully simple, yet surprisingly powerful, home search into their site. Focusing on your visitor’s experience, Showcase IDX gives your users a great experience and a reason to come back to your website to continue their home search. Built using the latest technologies that allows us to regularly upgrade and tweak the product, so your investment continues to grow and evolve over time.

    Simple and Beautiful

    Designed to make your site look amazing to your current and future clients. With years of experience in the real estate industry we’ve selected the features that users use most and simplified them. To see show Showcase IDX looks check out our Live Demo.

    Responsive and Mobile Ready

    Designed from the ground up to be mobile compatible on smartphones and tablets when used with a responsive WordPress theme.

    Always Evolving

    Showcase IDX has been around for 10 years providing real estate websites and we’re using our technology and brokerage experience to evolve the product with our agents. We’re committed to provide regular updates to the product to keep our agents ahead of the industry.


    • Responsive design
    • Live map search
    • List and gallery result views
    • Streamlined Lead Capture
    • Social Media sharing
    • Combined MLS data feeds
    • Large photos and thumbnails
    • Google Streetview
    • Infinite scroll results
    • Search widgets
    • Foreclosures and short sales
    • Consumer dashboard
    • Saved searches
    • Search Engine Optimized
    • Fully MLS compliant
    • Easy to install
    • Dynamic community pages
    • Virtual tours
    • Amazing user insight with Lead Magic
    • Custom, embeddable Hotsheets
    • A lot more… Check out our site for more info on our features.
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