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    Qtranslate Slug

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    Qtranslate-X is a nice plugin for Multilingual Websites. Qtranslate Slug is an addon to QTranslate, which adds support for permalinks translations.

    1.1.17 fixes a dangerous Security Exploit. Please update right now!


    • WordPress 4.0 (PHP 5.4 and MySQL 5)
    • mQtranslate or Qtranslate 2.5.8 or qtranslate-x ( 2.9.1 )

    New in 1.1.18

    • works with upcomming wp 4.5! thats new for a change!
    • widget is now compatible with wp 4.3. thanks to @adnanoner ( #111) and @gitmad (#112)
    • saving taxonomies wont print warning. thanks to @jmarceli ( #113)
    • saving post quick edit wont print warnings. thanks again to jmarceli ( #114 )
    • Code from is now been merged with the github account
    • Some notices are fixed. Thanks to @rafa-aguilar ( #89 )
    • custom post types are fixed! thanks to @MicheleBertoli ( #102 )
    • slug box now shows the utf8 chars instead of the enconded ones.
    • you can now toggle the default slug box, in case you want to edit it.
    • edit term has been re-worked, so no more errors and notices! ( hopefully!)
    • couple of other stuff has been fixed by me thanks to your awesome bug reports!

    New in 1.1.17

    • Hability to filter the position of the Metabox
    • Fixed dangerous security exploit!

    New in 1.1.16

    Minor fix for the language menu using qtranslate’s function

    New in 1.1.15

    • Fixes the duplicated hreflang links in

    New in 1.1.14

    The menu widget didn’t allow the visitors to change to the default language if qtranslate-x was being used. So, adjusted the Language Menu widget to play nice with qtranslate-x.
    Hope to bring some nice changes that were made in the github repository in the next version. For now, enjoy.

    New in 1.1.13

    Thanks to returning @pedro-mendonca for these commits:

    • Cleaned duplicated label in widget
    • Bug fix in “Slug (%s)” string translation
    • Changed text strings with no text-domain and with text-domain ‘qtranlate’ to text-domain ‘qts’
    • pot catalog updated with current strings, including last found is “More information about”.

    Thanks to @johnclause for these :

    • Convenience links in notice_dependences
    • Menu compatibility with qTranslate-X
    • Fixed extra characters in widget

    Thanks to vbkun for casting the much wanted function to get a slug based on an id and language

    • Added a global qts_get_slug( $id, $lang)

    and sadly:

    • removed the menu admin box until better implementation

    See you next Version!

    Advice: If you’re using a multisite installation, you will must activate qtranslate plugins by separately on each site.

    You can also check the project website hosted on GitHub.
    Thanks for use this plugin!



    filter to process the post slug before is saved on the database.
    args: $post (object), $slug (string), $lang (string)


    filter to process the term slug before is saved on the database.
    args: $term (object), $slug (string), $lang (string)


    filter to process the entire url after it has been generated.
    args: $url (string), $lang (string)


    filter to process the permastruct, used for change the base.
    args: $permastruct (string), $name (string)


    • detect Slug for each language and redirect accordingly in parse_query.
    • expand qtranslate for translate attachment names and descriptions ( useful for galleries )
    • translate other slugs like attachments.
    • qtranslate integration with other plugins like Jigoshop, e-commerce, etc. Addapt $wp_rewrite.
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