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    Lingotek Translation

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    Lingotek Translation offers convenient cloud-based localization and translation for WordPress by simplifying the process of creating and maintaining your multilingual website. Features include machine, professional, and community translation solutions that ease the manual burden of launching in new markets while improving language consistency, cutting costs, and enabling you to deliver your brand to consumers abroad in the quickest and most effective way possible.

    Make your WordPress website content truly multilingual. The power to translate is now inside WordPress!

    Customizable Translation Workflows

    WordPress administrators use Translation Profiles to categorize content by its relative value. You associate each content type with a Translation Profile, and the plugin carries out the appropriate workflow:

    • Professional – The plugin enables you to use your own translation agency or tap into Lingotek’s marketplace of more than 5,000+ in-country translators. Don’t have time to manage your own translation project? Let Lingotek take care of it for you. The plugin fully automates file transfer between WordPress and Lingotek. You’ll have full visibility into the translation process every step of the way. And once the translations are completed, they’ll automatically download and publish to your website according to the preferences you’ve set.

    • Community – If you’re looking to save money by avoiding professional translation, you can take the do-it-yourself approach and have your bilingual employees, partners and/or users perform translations right within WordPress. The plugin integrates with and provides use of the Lingotek Workbench, a professional-grade text editor used for translating, reviewing, and post-editing multilingual content.

    • Free Automatic – Machine translation is an excellent option if you’re on a tight budget, looking for near-instant results, and are okay with less-than-perfect quality. The plugin allows you to quickly and automatically translate your site by providing use of the commercial API for Microsoft Translator (the cost is covered by Lingotek for up to 100,000 characters). Machine translations can be post-edited at any time using the Lingotek Workbench.

    Cloud-Based Translation Management System

    Need access to an enterprise level Translation Management System designed to work directly with WordPress and other content management systems, allowing you complete transparent access with all your translation projects? The cloud-based Lingotek Translation Management Systems helps your business access new markets and customers. Contact for more information and pricing of these features.


    • Cost Savings
    • Faster Translation Times
    • Higher Quality
    • Real-time Monitoring
    • Eliminate the Copy/Paste Method of Translating
    • Increased Involvement and Loyalty
    • In-context Review


    Lingotek works in conjuction with the Polylang plugin (the plumbing to make WordPress multilingual ready) allowing you to create a bilingual or multilingual WordPress site. You write posts, pages, and create categories and post tags as usual, and then define the language for each of them.

    • You can use as many languages as you want. RTL language scripts are supported. WordPress languages packs are automatically downloaded and updated.
    • You can translate posts, pages, media, categories, post tags, menus, widgets…
    • Custom post types, custom taxonomies, sticky posts and post formats, RSS feeds and all default WordPress widgets are supported.
    • The language is either set by the content or by the language code in the url, or you can use one different subdomain or domain per language.
    • Categories, post tags, and some other metas are automatically copied when adding a new post or page translation.
    • A customizable language switcher is provided as a widget or in the nav menu.
    • The admin interface is of course multilingual too and each user can set the WordPress admin language in its profile.


    Wherever third party code has been used, credit has been given in the code’s comments.

    Do you like Lingotek?

    Don’t hesitate to give your feedback. It will help make the plugin better. Other contributions (helping other users on the support forum) are welcome!

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