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    Press Permit Core

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    Press Permit is an advanced content permissions system. It is derived from Role Scoper, but with extensive improvements in versatility, performance and user-friendliness.

    Core Features include:

    • Permissions model is closely integrated with the WP capability system
    • Assign supplemental roles and exceptions for custom post types

    • For any user, group or WP role, customize reading access by specifying “also these”, “not these” or “only these” posts or terms.

    • Control reading access to specified categories

    • Post and term edit screens get a straightforward and uncluttered UI to “enable” or “block” users, roles or groups

    • Permission Groups integrate with Eyes Only User Access Shortcodes for conditional display of content blocks within a post

    Pro extensions are available for additional access control and features:

    • Customize editing access for specific posts or terms – video
    • Limit category/term assignment and page parent selection – video
    • File URL Filter: regulate direct access to uploaded files – video
    • Hidden Content Teaser – video
    • bbPress: customize viewing, topic creation or reply submission permissions per-forum
    • bbPress: display a teaser message for unreadable topics or replies
    • Date-limited membership in Permissions Groups – video

    • Moderation statuses control multi-step moderation – video

    • Edit Flow integration – video
    • Revisionary and Post Forking: regulate moderated editing of published content – video
    • BuddyPress Permission Groups for additional reading or editing access – video
    • Circles: block access to content not authored by a fellow group member
    • WPML integration: mirror post/term permissions to translations
    • Define custom post statuses and set corresponding supplemental roles – video
    • Import groups, roles and restrictions from Role Scoper

    Support Key Activation

    Installation and updates of pro extensions, supplied directly from, are available for a specified duration after you activate the support key provided with a Press Permit Pro purchase. Single-site, 3-site and developer (25 sites) packages are available.

    Simply browse to Permissions > Settings > Support, paste in the key indicated on your Order Receipt, and click the Activate button.


    Press Permit’s menus, onscreen captions and inline descriptive footnotes can be translated using poEdit.

    I will gladly include any user-contributed languages!

    Plugin Compatibility Issues

    Custom WP_Query calls : Often, conflicts can be resolved by specifying a post_type argument. To prevent improper filtering of front-end ajax calls, pass required_operation=read

    WP Super Cache : set WPSC option to disable caching for logged users (unless you only use Press Permit to customize editing access).

    WPML Multilingual CMS : plugin creates a separate post / page / category for each translation. PP for WPML extension plugin is required to filter the PP Exceptions item selection UI by language and (optionally) to enable mirroring of exceptions to translations

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