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  • Author & Content 99
  • Comments 96
  • Communication 110
  • Communities & Forums 84
  • Development 47
  • E-Commerce 76
  • Email Management 53
  • Events & Calendars 80
  • Language 25
  • Map & Weather 44
  • Migration & Conversion 28
  • Miscellaneous 254
  • Mobile 15
  • Photos 143
  • Plugins 260
  • SEO & Site Speed 118
  • Social 186
  • Theme Enhancement 169

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    Membership 2

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    Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster
    The best membership plugin for WordPress just got even better – meet Membership 2. We completely rewrote Membership from the ground up to create a completely new, faster, more intuitive and beautiful membership system.

    Transform WordPress into a fully functional membership site. Provide access to downloads, online content, videos, forums, support and more through a flexible membership system. It’s simple to use and yet if you dig in, it’s incredibly adaptable. Membership 2 even includes set-and-forget automated recurring payments, so you can focus on providing value while getting income from your members.

    Simpler, More Powerful Controls
    With Membership 2 there’s no guesswork and no messing around with confusing settings. Our setup wizard will guide you through configuring your membership site for the best results.

    Choose one from one of four base membership options, then configure the perfect system to fit your site’s goals.

    • Standard Membership
    • Dripped Content Membership
    • Guest Membership
    • Default Membership

    Use Membership 2 to protect all things WordPress – pages, posts, comments, content below the “read more” tag, categories, menus, URLs, special pages, content by user role, media files, forums, downloads, videos, support…you name it

    Put Your Content Behind a Paywall
    Get paid with PayPal, Stripe,, or good old fashioned manual payments. And, using automated processing and you can get paid without any hassle at all.

    Membership 2 even includes 25 currency options out-of-the-box so you can take payments from just about anywhere in the world.

    Membership 2 Pro
    Need even more? Upgrade to Membership 2 Pro and get access to all the features available in Membership 2 plus these premium add-ons:

    • Fully integrated coupon system – offer special promotions and attract new users
    • Admin-side protection rules – protect elements inside the WordPress Dashboard
    • Custom post-type protection – protect post-types not native to WordPress core
    • Advanced media protection rules – more control when protecting media
    • Network Wide Protection – manage membership on your entire Multisite network from one place

    Upgrade to the full version now »

    Download Membership 2 today – the new standard in WordPress and Multisite membership systems.

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