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    POWr Survey

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    Collect honest feedback with custom surveys

    POWr Survey is a free cloud-based plugin you can edit in your live web page. Create a POWr account to access the entire plugin library.

    First, download, install, and activate POWr Survey. Then drop the plugin anywhere in your theme. Or add to a page/post with the POWr icon in the WP editor.

    Click Here for 2 Minute Install Tutorial

    Free Features

    • Up to 100 submissions per month.
    • Fields for text, dropdowns, checkboxes, email, date, and more.
    • Accept payments through PayPal.
    • Create recurring payments.
    • Dynamic pricing options.
    • Automatic email notifications.
    • Built in form response dashboard.
    • Custom “thank you” messages.
    • Optional or required fields.
    • Custom fonts, colors, backgrounds, and more.
    • Adjustable sizing and spacing.
    • Supports text in any language.
    • Mobile responsive on any device.

    Premium Features

    • Eliminate all POWr logos and watermarks
    • Unlimited form fields
    • Up to 100k submissions per month
    • Accept file uploads up to 100mb
    • Conditional logic
    • Send form responses to multiple admins
    • Clear, lock, hide, or redirect after submit
    • Customize confirmation email
    • Block repeat submissions from user
    • Enable plugin analytics to measure visitors and page views
    • Receive premium POWr support
    • Support the development of other great plugins

    More Info


    POWr Survey plugin is simple to customize, directly inside of your live WordPress website. Just click on the Settings Icon to open the POWr Editor. You can now edit the design and contents of your Survey plugin. See your changes in real time, on your actual site. No need to ever leave the page. Just edit and save right in the POWr Editor.


    Mobile traffic matters. And successful sites need to be mobile responsive to keep up. The Form Builder plugin is optimized to function beautifully on almost any device. So you can spend less time worrying about how people are searching your site, and more about what they’ll discover.


    Your WordPress website represents you, your brand, or your company. Own it, with fully customizable design. POWr Survey allows you to create your plugin precisely the way you’d like it. Select and adjust colors, background design, borders and edges, and lots more. Match the rest of your website perfectly, with no more coding confusion or pricey designer fees.


    It’s a tough world out there, but you don’t need to go it alone. POWr’s customer support team is made up of top notch people, working hard to insure you get the help you need. Our full Help Center is available 24/7. Additionally, there’s great email support available any time, with live chat available during peak hours. We are here to help you!

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