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    Awesome Surveys

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    This plugin has reached its end of life and should no longer be used. PHP 7 is not supported and support will not be added


    If you are using a version less than 1.6.1 you need to update NOW

    Version 2.0 is a major rewrite to address the issues of data loss that some users have been experiencing. Surveys are now custom post types and leverage the WordPress post editor. Individual responses are stored as post meta – each response is represented by one row in the post meta table for the survey.

    This plugin allows you to create surveys with an easy-to-use form builder, publish surveys with a simple shortcode and view survey results in the admin backend. You maintain control of your data. Automatic form validation is included.


    1. You maintain ownership of your data – does not rely on third-party services.
    2. Allows the creation of any number of surveys to collect data from visitors to your site.
    3. Build your survey forms with the powerful built-in form builder.
    4. Optionally require login or cookie authentication in order for a user to take the survey.
    5. Publish your surveys on pages or posts by including a shortcode new or link directly to them.
    6. Advanced form field validation is included.
    7. View results of your surveys in the admin area of your WordPress site.
    8. Extendable through action/filter hooks.

    Known issues/limitations

    1. At this time, it is not possible to edit survey questions if the survey has responses. In the future I plan to re-implement this but only so much as to allow for the editing of text – You will not be able to add questions to a survey which has responses. You will not be able to add answers to questions if the survey has respones.

    2. Since the surveys are now custom post types, the actual survey form is saved
      as ‘post_content’. This means that if WordPress was in English when you built the survey, but your site wants to be in another language, the English strings will still be output, i.e. ‘Submit Response’ & ‘make a selection…’. Likewise, even if your WordPress site was in your language but you didn’t have the translations available, those strings will be output in English. As a workaround, you can append some parameters to your url e.g. when on the general survey options screen, your url would look like this: “wp-admin/admin.php?page=awesome-surveys.php” add this to the url: “&translate-surveys=true” to force translation of all of your surveys. The translation strings for your language must be present in order for this to work. As another alternative, I would suggest implementing the WordPress ‘the_content‘ filter to change the strings to whatever you need them to be.

    Additional Information

    Known Issues:

    • Versions prior to 1.6.1 are potentially vulnerable to malicious attacks – please do not use versions prior to 1.6.1

    • The Async JS and CSS plugin can cause the javascript for Awesome Surveys to not be loaded. See this support thread for a workaround.

    • Survey form display hasn’t likely been tested with your theme. Styling may break and the form may look horrible. If you experience this, please do contact me with suggestions on how to fix it for your particular theme.
    • Cookie authentication for allowing/denying users to take the survey is very easily circumvented. If using cookie based authentication for your surveys, please keep this in mind. You will be far less likely to see “ballot-stuffing” if you are allowing registrations on your site and require the user to login to take the survey.
    • Many developer features are unfinished at this time. If you are developing an extension for this plugin or using any of the action/filter hooks included, proceed with caution.

    Included Software

    To Do List

    • Widget to display surveys?
    • Ability to add classes to survey form elements and add custom css.
    • Ability to export .csv file of the surveys
    • Your feature request here.


    • Your name could be here make a contribution today! (see the FAQ for suggestions of how you can help with the development)
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