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    Post Pay Counter

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    Easily calculate and handle authors’ pay on a multi-author blog. Set up the wished payment criteria and let the plugin compute posts payment. Stats are immediately be viewable. Both a general view with all users and a specific one for each author are possible. It can easily help you implement a revenue sharing/paid to write model for your business.

    Plugin HOMEPAGE

    Features include:

    • Pay per post, word, visit (tutorial), image and comment (not mutually exclusive).
    • Pay with an incremental system (eg. each word is €0.01 => 100 words = €1) or with a zonal one (eg. from 200 to 300 words/visits it’s €2.00, up to 10 zones).
    • No account needed. Data is yours, no need to sign-up to anything really.
    • Old stats availability. View posts countings since the first written post, disregarding the plugin install date. A fancy date picker lets you shift between days and select the desired range, or pick a ready choice (such as This month, Last month…).
    • Responsive and sortable stats: optimized stats page for mobile devices and sortable stats table.
    • Personalize user’s settings, so that special settings only apply to a particular user. Different settings can be made apparent in the stats or hidden depending on your needs.
    • Customizable permissions to prevent your users to see stats and use functions they are not supposed to.
    • Extend with your own custom implementation through hooks, filters and special API features (learn more).
    • And… works with custom post types, narrow your payments only to chosen user groups, supports pagination, and even more!

    GitHub repository (wanna join us coding?)

    Integrate with Analytics/Adsense and pay with PayPal

    The PRO version includes Analytics visits payment, Adsense Revenues sharing, payments management and PayPal payments. Among other stuff, it also allows to keep a convenient log of past payments and to display stats in public pages through a shortcode.

    Integrate with Facebook

    The Facebook addon allows to pay posts for the Facebook shares and comments they receive.

    Browse all extensions.

    Available languages

    Post Pay Counter has been translated into the following languages:

    • English
    • French (Alexandre Mark)
    • German (Julian Beck)
    • Dutch (Elza van Swieten)
    • Italian (Stefano Ottolenghi)
    • Portoguese (Marco Dantas)
    • Turkish (Kamer DINC)
    • Czech (Jiří Kučera)

    If you want to translate it in your own language and get a discount on the PRO version, contact us!

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    Published6 years ago

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