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    Pop-Up CC

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    Pop-Up CC plugin brings unlimited pop-ups with easily customizable professional templates. Each template comes in two sizes (big and small). The pop-ups are fully responsive and work with any WordPress theme.

    NEW in Pop-Up CC Free 2.0: With Pop-Up CC 2.0 you can create any number of input fields and collect your visitors’ emails, names, phone numbers…

    Pop-Up CC is a perfect solution to capture the audience’s attention in the right time and place to build your mailing list.


    Pop-Up CC allows you to build elegant and professional pop-ups in a couple of minutes. Create attractive content and the pop-ups matching your website’s design. Preview your changes live while editing the content in our custom visual editor. Decide when the visitors see your pop-up – set the time and display the pop-up exactly when and where you want to.


    • Unlimited pop-up number
    • Multiple input fields (drag & drop ordering)
    • Beautiful designs
    • 6 elegant and professional pop-up templates
    • Two pop-up sizes (big and small)
    • Responsive pop-up themes
    • Retina-friendly
    • Quick and easy pop-up setup
    • User-friendly interface
    • Smooth and swift admin panel
    • Highly customizable content
    • Email notifications
    • Turn on/off the pop-ups on mobile devices


    Pop-Up CC Pro Ultimate

    Get Pop-Up CC Pro Ultimate for:

    • All triggers (on time, on scroll, on click, on exit intent)
    • All templates: Centered Newsletter Template, Side Newsletter Template, Simple Video Template, Buttons Template (see demo)
    • More customization options
    • MailChimp integration
    • MailChimp custom fields support
    • Advanced Access Control section (enable or disable by role, by type, by taxonomy, by term, by tag, by page)
    • “Don’t Show Again” optional checkbox
    • Custom error messages
    • Custom CSS support

    Get more flavors of Pop-Up CC Free:

    Pop-Up CC Scroll Free

    The pop-up will appear when a user scrolls to a given class or id, scrolls down a given number of pixels from top or scrolls down to a certain percentage of the page height.

    • Trigger the pop-up on scroll
    • 6 professional pop-up designs
    • Multiple input fields (drag & drop ordering)
    • Two sizes of the pop-ups (big and small)
    • Responsive pop-up themes
    • Highly customizable content

    Get Pop-Up CC Scroll Free

    Pop-Up CC Click Free

    The pop-up will appear when a user clicks a given class or id. Perfect for displaying promo or demo videos.

    • Trigger the pop-up on click
    • 6 professional pop-up designs
    • Embed codes and plain text support

    Get Pop-Up CC Click Free

    Pop-Up CC Exit Intent Free

    Our exit-intent technology detects user behavior and prompts them with a targeted campaign at the very moment they are about to leave.

    • The pop-up will appear when a user attempts to leave the page
    • 6 professional pop-up designs
    • Two individually customizable buttons
    • Two sizes of the pop-ups (big and small)

    Get Pop-Up CC Exit Intent Free


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