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    PeepSo is a super-light, free, social network plugin for WordPress that allows you to quickly and effortlessly add a social network or an online community, similar to Facebook right inside your WordPress site. Social network for WordPress – in just a few clicks!

    The plugin supports the addition of a social networking plugin in the main area of your WordPress site. Widgets that display users’ photos, videos and friends are also available on installation and can be placed on any widget position inside your theme, or directly inside PeepSo itself.

    Our primary goal when developing this social networking plugin for WordPress was to provide those who wanted to create a community with WordPress an alternative to the existing solutions, with a modern look and feel, lots of great features and scalability.

    What sets PeepSo apart from other social networking solutions is its light weight and stellar design. PeepSo works right out of the box and within seconds, you can start a social network, right inside your WordPress site. There’s no need to hire a developer, mess with code, hack another plugin to make it look and work the way you want it. It simply works.

    Some of the features that PeepSo Core offers are:

    • Frontend user profiles with avatars and cover images.
    • Frontend user registration
    • Frontend user login
    • Frontend user listing with search and filtering
    • Customizable user profiles
    • Activity Stream of the entire community
    • Activity Stream for user profiles
    • Users can share their status updates with different privacy settings
    • Real time onsite user notifications
    • User email notifications
    • Dedicated user roles
    • Nested Comments under user posts within your community
    • Pinned Posts – these are great for making announcements
    • PeepSo Profile widget with real time notifications
    • PeepSo Online Members widget showing who’s online
    • PeepSo Latest Members widget showing latest members
    • Coherent configuration
    • Dashboard with an Overview of your Community
    • Light and Dark theme
    • RTL support
    • And many, many more…

    Read about all of the features here:

    On top of all the previously mentioned features you’ll also get:

    • Stability – it’s rock solid! You can sleep well and not worry about anything.
    • Upgrades will never break anything on your site.
    • Works out of the box – 1st time. Everytime. Period.
    • Lots of Features – and the Core is free. Forever.
    • Awesome Support – yes. We proudly support our plugins.

    PeepSo core is totally free. We encourage you to install it and see how it works. PeepSo has a range of extensions that allow you to extend the power of Your Community.

    PeepSo Plugins


    • Moods – Express your mood in posts
    • Tags – Mention others in posts and comments
    • Location – Share location in posts and profiles

    — Paid plugins for PeepSo —


    • Groups – Open, closed and secret user groups
    • Photos – Upload photos and create albums
    • Videos – Link videos from supported providers
    • Polls – Post a question for others to vote
    • Extended Profiles – Customizable profile fields
    • Friends – Friend connections and “friends” privacy level
    • Chat – Private messages and live chat between users
    • Reactions – Say more than just a “like”


    • BlogPosts – Integrate Blog within Community
    • Email Digest – Bring users back with automated newsletter
    • User Limits – Granular control over user actions
    • VIP – Assign custom badges to users
    • WordFilter – Filter out any kind of bad language
    • AutoFriends – Automatically create friend connections


    • GIPHY – Send GIPHY gifs in comments and chat
    • BadgeOS – Achievement system for community engagement
    • myCRED – Points for community engagement



    There are also other plugins for PeepSo created by our Partners. You can see the full list of available plugins here.


    PeepSo and its plugins have been translated into the following languages:

    • Brazilian Portuguese
    • Bulgarian
    • Chinese Traditional
    • Chinese Simplified
    • Dutch
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Greek
    • Hebrew
    • Hungarian
    • Italian
    • Persian
    • Polish
    • Swedish
    • Turkish
    • And others

    Here you can download the Translations.

    Try the demo

    If you want to see how a social networking on WordPress looks live, you can visit our demo site. You will be able to log in as a real user (username: demo, password: demo) and take PeepSo for a test drive. The demo includes all the premium plugins so you’ll be able to see them all in action.

    Or, simply join our own Community and see how it works in a real life environment 🙂


    PeepSo automatically generates pages for you with shortcodes to allow you to start fast. Here’s a list of pages and shortcodes available. Use the shortcodes to display the content in case you’ve deleted the automatically generated page.

    • User Profile – [peepso_profile]
    • Recent Activity – [peepso_activity]
    • Members – [peepso_members]
    • Recover Password – [peepso_recover]
    • Site Registration- [peepso_register]

    Getting Started

    To get a social network on your WordPress site up and running, follow these steps:

    • Login to your WordPress admin.
    • Choose “Plugins”.
    • Search for “PeepSo”.
    • Click “Install”.
    • Go to “Appearance -> Menus”
    • Select the menu you’d like to link to your social network.
    • Add the page “Recent Activity” to that menu
    • Save.

    Your new social network will now be displayed on your site.

    More Information

    More plugins are currently being developed to extend PeepSo’s functionality.

    All of the plugins supporting the PeepSo core are available on

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