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    Groups is designed as an efficient, powerful and flexible solution for group-oriented memberships and content access control.

    It provides group-based user membership management, group-based capabilities and access control for content, built on solid principles.

    Groups is light-weight and offers an easy user interface, while it acts as a framework and integrates standard WordPress capabilities and application-specific capabilities along with an extensive API.

    Enhanced functionality is available via Official Extensions for Groups.


    The official documentation is located at the Groups Documentation pages.


    User groups

    • Supports an unlimited number of groups
    • Provides a Registered group which is automatically maintained
    • Users can be assigned to any group
    • Users are added automatically to the Registered group

    Groups hierarchy

    • Supports group hierarchies with capability inheritance

    Group capabilities

    • Integrates standard WordPress capabilities which can be assigned to groups and users
    • Supports custom capabilities: allows to define new capabilities for usage in plugins and web applications
    • Users inherit capabilities of the groups they belong to
    • Groups inherit capabilities of their parent groups

    Access control

    Access to posts, pages and custom post types can be restricted by group.

    If access to a post is restricted to one or more groups, only users who belong to one of those groups may view the post.

    Fully supports custom post types, so that access to post types such as products or events can easily be restricted.

    • Built-in access control that allows to restrict access to posts, pages and custom content types to specific groups and users only
    • Control access to content by groups: shortcodes allow to control who can access content on posts, show parts to members of certain groups or to those who are not members –
      Shortcodes: [groups_member], [groups_non_member]
    • Control access to content by capabilities: show (or do not show) content to users who have certain capabilities –
      Shortcodes: [groups_can], [groups_can_not]

    Easy user interface

    • Integrates nicely with the standard WordPress Users menu
    • Provides an intuitive Groups menu
    • Conceptually clean views showing the essentials
    • Quick filters
    • Bulk-actions where needed, for example apply capabilities to groups, bulk-add users to groups, bulk-remove users from groups

    Sensible options

    • Enable access restrictions by custom post type
    • An optional tree view for groups can be shown when desired
    • Provides its own set of permissions
    • Administrator overrides for tests
    • Cleans up after testing with a “delete all plugin data” option


    • Groups is designed based on a solid and sound data-model with a complete API that allows developers to create group-oriented web applications and plugins


    • All features are supported independently for each blog in multisite installations


    Feedback is welcome!

    If you need help, have problems, want to leave feedback or want to provide constructive criticism, please do so here at the Groups Plugin page.

    Please try to solve problems there before you rate this plugin or say it doesn’t work. There goes a lot of work into providing you with free quality plugins! Please appreciate that and help with your feedback. Many thanks!


    Follow @itthinx on Twitter for updates on this and other plugins.


    Brazilian Portuguese translation by Walter Jaworski,
    Dutch translation by Carsten Alsemgeest,
    French translation by Stéphane Passedouet,
    German translation by itthinx,
    Lithuanian translation by Vincent G,
    Spanish translation by Juan Amor,
    Swedish translation by Andréas Lundgren.

    Many thanks for your help!

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