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    PayPal for WooCommerce

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    Easily add PayPal payment options to your WordPress / WooCommerce website.

    • PayPal Express Checkout / PayPal Credit
    • PayPal Website Payments Pro 3.0 (DoDirectPayment)
    • PayPal Payments Pro 2.0 (PayPal Manager / PayFlow Gateway)
    • PayPal Plus (Germany, Brazil, Mexico)
    • PayPal Payments Advanced
    • PayPal REST Credit Card Payments
    • PayPal Braintree Credit Card Payments
    • Fully Supports WooCommerce Payment Tokens!
    • Compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions!

    WooCommerce Payment Tokens Compatibility

    Fully supports WooCommerce payment tokens, so buyers can choose to save their payment method to their account with your site for quicker checkout in the future.

    WooCommerce Subscriptions Compatibility

    If you are using WooCommerce Subscriptions to manage subscription profiles you will be able to accept any of our PayPal payment gateways for subscription sign-up and payments.

    FREE PayPal Payments Pro Account

    By using our plugin we can get you hooked up with PayPal Payments Pro with no monthly fee! (U.S. and Canada merchants only) Contact us for details.

    PayPal Plus Information

    The BETA version of PayPal Plus that we had included with this plugin has been stripped out as of version 1.2.4. We have moved PayPal Plus to its own separate plugin so that we may focus on all the different features and functionality it needs to work with the various countries it supports. Get the PayPal Plus Plugin!

    Quality Control

    Payment processing can’t go wrong. It’s as simple as that. Our certified PayPal engineers have developed and thoroughly tested this plugin on the PayPal sandbox (test) servers to ensure your customers don’t have problems paying you.

    Seamless PayPal Integration

    Stop bouncing back and forth between WooCommerce and PayPal to manage and reconcile orders. We’ve made sure to include all WooCommerce order data in PayPal transactions so that everything matches in both places. If you’re looking at a PayPal transaction details page it will have all of the same data as a WooCommerce order page, and vice-versa.

    Error Handling

    PayPal’s system can be tricky when it comes to handling errors. Most PayPal plugins do not correctly process the PayPal response which can result in big problems. For example:

    • Fraud Filters could throw a “warning” instead of a full “success” response even when the payment was completed successfully.
    • Many plugins treat these as failures and customers end up with duplicate payments if they continue to retry.

    Our plugins always handle these warnings/errors correctly so that you do not have to worry about dealing with those types of situations.


    The PayPal Express Checkout buttons and checkout pages will translate based off your WordPress language setting by default. The rest of the plugin was also developed with localization in mind and is ready for translation.

    If you’re interested in helping translate please let us know!

    Get Involved

    Developers can contribute to the source code on the PayPal for WooCommerce GitHub repository.

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