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    PAYMILL for WordPress

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    • PHP 5.3 or higher
    • WordPress 4.8.x or higher
    • CuRL PHP extension

    Supported Shops including subscriptions support:

    • WooCommerce (2.6.13) + WooCommerce Subscriptions (2.0.13)
    • Magic Members (1.8.x)
    • Pay Button (independent, light-weight payment form)

    Supported Shops without subscriptions support (yet):

    • ShopPlugin (1.3.5)
    • MarketPress (2.9.x)
    • Cart66 Lite (

    Service Description

    PAYMILL offers the fastest and easiest way to accept payments online. The innovative payment solution enables online businesses and services to integrate payments into their websites within a very short time. The developer-friendly REST API is flexibly integrable. Customize the check-out process the way you want or use the PAYMILL PayButton which allows an even easier integration. Super-fast account activation within a few days only. Top-notch customer support. Subscriptions supported and Mobile SDKs for iOS and Android available. Accept payments in up to 100 currencies. All major card brands like MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Diner’s Club, Maestro etc. supported. Available in 40 countries across Europe so far.

    Pay Frame

    We’ve introduced a “payment form” option for easier compliance with PCI requirements.

    In addition to having a payment form directly integrated in your checkout page, you
    can use our embedded PayFrame solution to ensure that payment data never
    touches your website.

    PayFrame is enabled by default, but you can choose between both options in the
    plugin settings. Later this year, we’re bringing you the ability to customise the
    appearance and text content of the PayFrame version.

    To learn more about the benefits of PayFrame, please visit our FAQ:


    Missing a feature?

    Please use the plugin support forum here on We will add your wished – if realizable – on our todo list. Please note that we can not give any time estimate for that list or any feature request.

    Paid Services

    Nevertheless, feel free to hire the plugin author Matthias Reuter if you need to:

    • get a customization
    • get a feature rapidly / on time
    • get a custom WordPress plugin developed to exactly fit your needs.


    Error: Paymill can be loaded once only on the same page.

    This error is self explaining but still might be a bit confusing, as some users will be sure that there is no doubled call of the payment form. There actually is one. For example: you may have the Paybutton widget in a sidebar which is loaded, but hidden by a sidebarmanager. In most cases, some plugins or themes cause this issue, so you may want to try deactivating all plugins except Paymill and try a default theme. Our development site is using Mystile from Woothemes, a free theme which is also certified for WooCommerce compatibility.

    When logging into Paymill Dashboard, once activated Test Mode is switched back to Live Mode

    Test Mode and Live Mode are both always active simultaneously. Even if the Dashboard is showing Live Mode upon (re-)login per default, both modes remain active, even when switching to Test Mode and vice versa.

    How can I log API Requests for Subscription Handling?

    If you feel subscriptions are not handled as intended, you’ll find logs in directory /wp-content/paymill/lib/debug/
    You may need to CHMOD 777 logging files to enable logging.

    What will be logged when enabling plugin logging*

    • all PHP Errors and Notices since start of the plugin
    • supported and activated webhooks
    • Subscription Cancellation through WooCommerce
    • Subscription Pause (on Hold) through WooCommerce
    • Subscription Reactivation through WooCommerce
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