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    Page navi slider

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    Unsatisfied by the most common navigation plugins?

    Need a cool one, fully and easyly customizable with direct preview in setting page…

    Want an actually responsive plugin…

    Just get it!

    This plugin generates cool pagination links

    • Easy to customize with its setting page
    • See what you get thanks to its preview feature
    • Actually responsive as it displays a slider if the page numbers exceed the available width
    • Touchscreens compliant
    • Caption ready to be localized for multilingual sites


    CSS is located in /wp-content/plugins/page-navi-slider/style/page-navi-slider.css

    List of used class

    • .wpns_wrapper : the wrapper of the plugin
    • .wpns_container : a ‘sub-wrapper’ needed to set alignment, margins, …
    • .wpns_title : the caption
    • .wpns_selector : everything but the caption
    • .wpns_window : everyting of the selector but the slider
    • .wpns_sliding_list : the list of page numbers
    • .wpns_selector .wpns_element : elements of the list
    • .wpns_selector .page-numbers : page numbers (the text inside each element)
    • .wpns_first : first element of the list
    • .wpns_last : last element of the list
    • .wpns_active : the current element
    • .wpns_inactive : the other elements (all except the current one)



    Faitmain-Faitcoeur The first site that has ever used page-navi-slider


    Thanks to stranger-jp who translated in Japanese (and found some bugs!)

    Jonhathan @ Geekpress

    Thanks to Jonathan for the pagination links tuto

    WordPress Codex

    Settings page built according to theses WordPress Codex instructions


    CSS sizes calculation made with PxToEm


    CSS optimized with StyleNeat

    Write code online

    PHP tested with Write code online

    JS Fiddle

    js scripts tested with JS Fiddle

    JS compress

    JS Script minimized with JS Compress


    Color picker of the settings page by JS Color


    Localization with PoEdit

    jQuery Touch Punch

    jQuery slider adaptated for touchscreens by that jQuery Touch Punch

    jQuery and Co

    jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery UI slider and accordion

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    Last Updated392 Days ago
    Published4 years ago

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