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    MotoPress Slider Lite

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    Responsive WordPress Slider by MotoPress is an easy to use solution to build beautiful slides with awesome visual effects. Intuitive drag and drop interface, swipe navigation and responsive layout help you to create slides without touching the code. Build SEO-optimized slideshows in minutes and enjoy them from any screen size and computer device. The plugin comes with 3 main slider types: Custom Slider, Posts Slider and WooCommerce slider.

    For more information visit

    MotoPress Slider Pro

    Upgrade to MotoPress Slider Pro to have access to the following features:

    • Layer effects and styles
    • Duplicating the layer option
    • Priority updates and support

    Core MotoPress Slider Features:

    • Drag and Drop functionality
    • Opportunity to build unlimited sliders
    • Ability to create SEO-friendly slides
    • Touch and mouse swipe navigation
    • Fully responsive and mobile ready layouts
    • Full-width slideshow support
    • Layer based animation
    • Options to preview a bunch of animation effects
    • Unlimited layers with image, video, text or custom content
    • Easy configuration options: custom animation effects, duration control
    • Opportunity to add video backgrounds
    • Quick Slider settings access directly from the frontend
    • Snap to object tool
    • Youtube, Vimeo and Self-hosted videos support
    • Possibility to set link to each slide and image layer
    • Ability to use slider in both pages and posts
    • Export and import slider content option
    • Retina ready controls

    Additionally, the Posts Slider type comes with the following options:

    • Slideshow Posts and Custom Post Types
    • Select posts from categories and tags
    • Includ or Exclud posts by IDs
    • Set the number of posts to present in the slider
    • Redirect to the appropriate posts right from the slider area

    To discover more capabilities of the Posts slider type, please visit its Documentation page.

    And the WooCommerce Slider type is ready to increase your sales thanks a bunch of features:

    • Macros to embed any content type from your WooCommerce store to the slider
    • An ability to filter the products by categories, tags, in-stock, featured and on sale products
    • Excluding/including your products by IDs
    • Determining the length of the product description
    • Ordering your product slides by date, title, id, random, comments, date modified etc

    To discover more capabilities of the WooCommerce slider type, please visit its Documentation page.


    MotoPress Slider Lite plugin, Copyright (C) 2016, MotoPress
    MotoPress Slider Lite plugin is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL


    • CanJS, Copyright (c) 2015 Bitovi, MIT License
    • CodeMirror, MIT License
    • jQuery UI Touch Punch, Copyright 2011-2014, Dave Furfero, Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses
    • jQuery UI CSS Framework, MIT License
    • Spectrum, project by @bgrins
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